Direct Aid Promises to Establish University in Malawi Soon


direct aid chairman

Board Chairperson, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Muhailan

The newly accredited international organization Direct Aid from Kuwait has assured Malawi Government that it will construct and establish an Islamic university in Malawi soon, its Board Chairperson, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Muhailan has said.

The Board Chairperson said this soon after the signing of Memorundum of Understanding (MoU) between Malawi government and the organisation at Jumeira Messilla Beach Hotel on Sunday, November 17 in Kuwait.

The university will focus on provision of technical education.

The State President Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda, who is in Kuwait, thanked Direct Aid for the university pledge saying, “This will help some of youth to acquire the needed skills for self employment but also entry into the industry.”

The President also asked the Board Chairperson to “favourably” prioritize the request that she made to the organisation to construct a Grand Mosque in Mangochi.

“As you know, the recent statistics show that the Muslim Population in Malawi is significant at about 12 percent, therefore this Grand Mosque when constructed, will inspire our Muslim brothers and sisters not only in Mangochi, but country wide.

“In this regard, I want you to know that I have undoubted commitment to supporting the freedom of worship of all Muslims and other faiths in Malawi,” she said.

The Direct Aid is not a new NGO in Malawi in terms of development.

The organisation has contributed a lot to the Muslim community as well as the country as a whole by constructing many schools, mosques and helping Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) in several developmental aspects.

Reporting by Abdullah Omar Mdala from Kuwait City


  1. As it has now come to be signed under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Direct Aid itself and the State President, it has started giving hope that insha-Allah something will be done on the ground unlike when it has had been an ongoing Muslim community “Anthem”, or a famous “Anasheed.” It is very shameful to have seen that almost all denominations have already established such higher learning institutions, but only us as Muslims are singing lip service songs.
    May Allah the Almighty fulfill this determination for the benefit of Malawian Muslims as well as Malawi nation as a whole. Let us collectively make abundance of Duas for the sustainabilty of the Project as whole insha-Allah.

  2. Respected Sheikh Mzumara, you’ve really spoken the truth. It deeply hurts me when i hear your so called anthem sang by our leaders at ijtima’s and else where. Keep kuwait aside, this initiative was supposed to hail from our leaders, visionalise it to their fellow muslims nationally and be petient on its materialisation as it takes good time to put down a multibilliom kwacha project from local resourses. Yaa Allah, help us in giving us visionary leaders. And may this project see the light of day! Aameen aameen aameen!

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