Don’t Legalise Homosexuality In The Name of Aid- IIB Tells Malawi Govt

    Chabulika: We Should not Allow Such Evils

    Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) has warned Malawi Government not to succumb to the pressure from the donor community in order to legalize homosexuality in the name of aid saying if they don’t want it is better the donors should stay away with their aid.

    Few months ago, the world leaders met in Australia where they agreed that they should not give aid to countries that reject gay marriages.

    And in the State-of-the-nation address, on Friday President Mrs Joyce Banda hinted that she would seek to repeal a law which makes homosexuality illegal in the southern African nation, despite pressure from religious groups.

    The current constitution of Malawi does prohibit gay marriages and those who do that receives a maximum sentence of 14 years in imprisonment with hard labour.

    However, responding to the President’s speech, one of the religious leaders who is also  IIB’s National Coordinator Sheikh Dinala Chabulika said government should not make things for the sake of pleasing donors but rather should also respect and listen to the views of Malawian citizens who are against the practice of such ‘evil acts’.

    “We still maintain our stand that Malawi is a God fearing nation. Therefore, the government should not allow such evils. If they say is about human rights, we also have right of worship and it is our beliefs that does not allow that. So, they have to respect our beliefs as well.

    “These people don’t even believe in God. If people don’t know, they are the same people who sleep with dogs and if we tolerate them this time, tomorrow they will come to force us to put laws to allow people to sleep with these animals as well,” he lamented during Islamic Information Bureau updates’ program aired on Radio Islam on Sunday evening.

    Sheikh Chabulika also challenged the ‘so-called’ human rights activists to come in public and tell people if they have ever heard stories that animals of same sex were making sex.

    [pullquote align=”right”]”Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing” [/pullquote]

    “They should tell us if at all they are any but I know they cannot do. So, if animals can’t do that, what about a human being whom God blessed with more wisdom?

    “We know the donors have got money but they should not use it as bargaining tool to force us to do things which we don’t like. We have also a right to choose what we want and what we don’t despite we are poor,” he added.

    Quoting from Quran 26 verse 165-166 to support his argument Sheikh Chabulika said Quran does not allow the practice of homosexuality.

    “Of all the creatures in the world, will ye approach males, “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing.”

    He also quoted a Bible at Leviticus chapter 18 verses 22 where it categorically stated that “Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.”

    The coordinator therefore asked people of all denominations to hold hands together by saying ‘no to homosexuality’ in Malawi and that they should depend to God as He is the one who provide food for everybody.

    “America and Britain does not feed people. It is God who feeds us all. If that is their aid condition, then I am afraid. If they still force us to legalise such evils, then I say let us leave them and opt for those who will not give us such oppressive conditions.

    “The problem we have in Africa is that we think everything that comes from Europe is a true civilisation. We do not have our own guidance and time to think for ourselves. We take everything from them as normal but we do not know that these people just want to deteriorate our cultural values and beliefs which we need to respect and preserve,” said Sheikh Chabulika.


    1. Jazaakallah Khayran my friend,
      Its unfortunate that we rely and depend on human beings instead of depending on our Creator, Allaah.
      Allaah is the sole provider and not the west. May Allah save us from His punishments.

      It is true that Malawi is a God fearing nation and I hope that it will never succumb to the pressure of the West, rather will stick to the laws of its scriptures in this matter.

      May Allah reward you my brother in educating the nation and reminding them who they are. They human beings and not animals.

      Salaams to all

    2. how about our own morality as Muslims?the picture here isnt representative of our values as can inform us without exhibiting the pictures of immorality.islam doesnt allow us to look at such what's your intention?

    3. This wind is blowing and we really need to remain strong and repel the evil……Alhamdulillahi for ISLAM, no SANE  muslim majority country would condone such but…….. our friends seem to have the right to revise their religions to UPGRADE to degradations

    4. how about our own morality as muslims?i mean, what is the picture of sodomites here doing?islam forbids us from looking at such immages.what is the intention?

    5. Yah the sheikh is right n hating gay marriages, however am afraid the sheikh and we as muslims have lost a bit the correct approach and direction. firstly JB is head of state of MW and she signed and swore to preserve the constitution of the republic of malawi, so as long as the constitution states that MW is a secular state, there4 MW is not a God fearing country or state even though some citizens are God fearing pple. see those who deny the existence of God n malawi hv registered their Association and i know u know them, the question is how come they hv been so allowed? the answer is that because "Malawi is a non-believing state" nowhere is n the constitution stated that mw will have to preserve the RIGHT OF GOD but only "freedom of belief" which means that one is free to be e.g a Muslim or Christian today and tomorrow be apostate and the next week be a Rasta and then come back as a Muslim and then at his will re-apostate again. so the problem 4 Malawians is not JB but because we adopted a secular constitution and the problem of we Muslims is because we hv left and damp our "ruling system" which is itself independent of this democratic kufr system, and it has been tested , proven suitable and appropriate 4 over 1200 years.the blindness of we Muslims is to believe to put ourselves and mix with disbelievers in the same basket of democracy and secular state, thinking that thru that then the LAWS AND RIGHTS OF ALLAH will be implemented. this is sure ignorance and lack of powerful and leading intellectual capacity on our part. look the same sheikhs come on radio islam and preach that muslims n malawi we shud support democracy and the gvenmt of the day, knowing fully that it is deomcracy and the constitution that guarantees minority rights and personal freedom, which the two are the bodyguards and media for gay marriages and any promoscuity. guys its not only gay marriages, but even fornication and adultery, wine drinking, gambling e.g malwi national lottery,usury, and worse enough all Allah's hudud punishments are suspended. is it that we are selecting which Allah's laws to follow and which not to follow? muslims shud know that this is nt our country, state or world that "ALLAH'S SOVEREIGN, LAWS, RIGHTS, COMMANDS, and muslims' interests can be preserved or fulfilled" only and when we will establish pure ISLAMIC STATE IN THE MUSLIM WORLD and all muslims have one AMIR-MU'UMINA, AL-IMAM, ALKHALIFAH,that our Allah's law shall be implemented as was the case in madinah after hijrah. wassalam alaykum. i welcome any arguments. 

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