Dr. Cassim Chilumpha Pays Tribute to Malawi Muslim Women Organisation (MWO)



    Former Vice President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr. Cassim Chilumpha has paid tribute to Muslim Women in the country for their organization.

    On speaking to Malawi Muslim Official Website Dr. Chilumpha said the crowd he saw at Mehbub Memorial Centre in Mangochi on Saturday it was a clear indication that organization and communication skills are improving among Muslim Women in Malawi.

    “These women are on the right truck and are responding well to the message of Islam,” he said.

    “For you to get this crowd here it shows that organization and communication skills are improving because there is no way you could have a crowd like this coming to Mangochi.  This is an indication that things are moving good and I think the outreach of the organizers is also definitely good,” Kaka said .

    The former vice president who is also one of the big Sheikhs in Malawi urged the organization to double the effort and be focused by doing things and attend to specifically the problems that are there on the ground to try and solve them.

    Dr. Chilumpha said: “ What is required is to keep on working to redouble the effort and to be focused by doing things and to attend specifically the problems that Muslims are facing on the ground and try to solve them. [I am saying this] because you can have an organization that is not really meeting the needs of the people-its just there for its own sake but has nothing beyond that.

    “So I would like to say Muslim women being in a position which they are in the society, they are vital in the development of Muslim community,” said the former veep.

    When asked what does he do as a former leader to support Muslim women in the Country Dr. Chilumpha said he is trying as much as possible to help Muslim women in the country and his attendance was just a sign that he really support them.

    “One of the things we do is, for example my presence at this function is a sign that we are supporting women,” he said.

    “But there are also other things we have done to support the program itself. Not only what is taking place now here  but also to make sure that some of the people who are here should come,” he said.


    1. This is what is expected from high ranked figures from muslim society encouraging what is right.Qualities of good will are percieved Allahu Akbar.

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