Dr Mkakosya Meets Malawi Students Studying in Sudan

Dr Rajab S Mkakosya in the conference hall
Dr Rajab S Mkakosya in the conference hall

Malawian students studying at the International University of Africa had a priviledge of interacting with Dr Rajab Sawasawa Nkakosya who was in Sudan to attend a medical conference that was organised by African Medical Students Association (AMSA) at the university.

Speaking to the students after the conference, Dr Mkakosya lamented the low numbers of qualified Muslims in Malawi and encouraged the students studying in Sudan to be dedicated in their studies despite the numerous challenges that they are facing in their endeavors.

Dr Mkakosya who studied medicine in Turkey told the Malawian students that the challenges that they are facing are not unique to them only but is universal due to exposures to different cultures, weather, food, among others.

He expressed his happiness at seeing the number of students studying in Sudan increasing every year and said that this will translate into a high number of qualified Muslims in Malawi.

He further asked the students not only to rely on lessons spooned to them by the lecturers but that  they should be resourceful and conduct their own research into various fields of their study.

Responding to Dr Mkakosya’s speech, Noordeen Majaja, representing Malawi Students Union, Ambren Salim and Cassim Banda representing Malawi Medical Students Association, thanked Dr Mkakosya for sparing his time to meet the students. They said that the meeting was not only encouraging but inspiring as well and that they will try their best to work hard in their studies.

Patrick Wassie conversing with Dr Mkakosya
Patrick Wassie conversing with Dr Mkakosya

The leaders however expressed concern that financial challenges are impeding in their efforts, like lack of adequate books, medical students are not able to carry out any research assignments and medical treatment when some students fall ill is not adequate  due to financial constraints. They therefore requested Dr Mkakosya to relay their grievances to relevant authorities at the Islamic Zakaat Fund (IZF) for consideration.

The students further requested  IZF to make sure that before they send any more students to Sudan, they should first of all be vaccinated against Hepatitis B since the Sudanese government is expelling any student who gets diagnosed with the viral disease.

Dr Mkakosya who is a lecturer at Malawi College of Medicine attended the conference at the auspices of Malawi Medical Students Association at the International University of Africa. There are currently 141 Malawians studying in Sudan and are sponsored by Islamic Zakaat Fund in collaboration with the University.



  1. Visiting students is a great part of encouraging them esp. when they see you did what they currently do, your advise becomes all encouraging and accepted.
    As one of the Muslim students abroad facing similar challenges though environment differs, I totally agree with him. it is not easy for a foreign student to take up the weather, culture, food among other things that are not unique to him. But after a serious perseverance, achievement comes like a dream and all previous setbacks become bygones.

  2. Sukran Dr Mkakosya for the visit, the one thing that calms ones heart when you far from home is sometimes by Simply seeing someone from home or even hear some one speak one of your home languages.

  3. da only problem z d@ ife malawi amene taphunzira ana amayidalira kwambiri most especially we da muslims,kuti whn we visit them awona chinachake chosintha &ye they(students) end up kunena mavuto awo onse,bt ds scholars(lyk mr mkakusa) whn they went back sanena chilungamo chazomwe awona & kumva from da students.they tend 2 twist da issue & put it in a sugary way.l don’t know wy?.ds must change lets open our eye ,we re da scholars we know wht z right or wrong,we hv power 2 influence,da power 2 do smfing.so mr mkakusa everybody z waiting 4 u coz we hv already held a multiple problems ds sudan students are facing

  4. Slavery will never end in africa.Students studying in sudan are surving by the grace of Allah.
    It happened that a best friend of mine went there.After few months she returned.I couldn’t believed whatever she explained to me.
    Muslim association though aware of whatever is happenning there always turn a blind eye to the delapidating situation.If it was that the ones who are persecuting these students are non muslims MAM,it would have been something else.
    Lets join hands and make Duas for our brothers and sisters tn sudan.

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