In a weekly youth conference in Jamea Masjid Preston, a very
interesting topic was on the mat!! Maulaana Ilyas -the imam of the
masjid was asked the meaning of 786. Does it have any significance in
Islam? Does it mean Bismillah hirahmaanirraheem????

Sadly the answer was NO.

Due to our ignorance we have used these numbers believing them to be
sacred .What they actually signify is the hindu God HARI OHM.. I felt
sick when I heard this, so I decided to pass the info to as many
people as possible.

When I was learning Arabic a few years ago my teacher told me there is
a system in Arabic called the abjad system in which each Arabic letter
signifies a number.

But 786 has no bases in Islam.

Javeria Husain.

Muslims have used “786” on anything that they believed to be spiritual.

Similarly, some Muslims replace Allah’s name by the number ’66’ and
the Prophet’s name by ’92’. But if one ask, the number ‘420’ is used
against somebody’s name and he is called ‘420’. Can he bear such an

A false argument is put forth in defense of Qur’aanic Numerology that
since the time of Allah’s Messenger , the Qur’aan has been translated
into different languages for the reason of spreading and preserving
it. Therefore, Qur’aanic Numerology is not an innovation.

This “magical” number 786 is none other than the Vedic holy letter
“OM” written in Sanskrit.

This is a false comparison because Numerology is neither a language
nor does it help in preserving or spreading the teachings of the
Qur’aan. The sole purpose of Numerology is to make charms and amulets,
which are used as a part of the religion to avert misfortune and evil
Some believers even go further and conclude that :

The final analysis of the code 786 it is relevant in ‘Islam as “Bismillah”

In Hindu’s as “Hare Krishna”.

This is one of the worst forms of ‘bidah’.