Evil Event: Burn Quran Day deserves no attention, says Independent Florida Alligator


Gainesville: An independent University online news magazine owned by student in Florida have condemned the Dove World Outreach Centre’s plans for a Quran burning on September describing the statement as “hate mongering and anti-Islamic message.

“The event, “International Burn a Quran Day,” has gotten a lot of national press for its hate-mongering, anti-Islamic message. We just would have used words a little stronger than “fringe” to categorize the group,” reads the statement on their website Alligator.org

The statement further calls the group as an ‘evil twist’ that have intense and unjustifiable hatred for their neighbors.

“This group is an evil twist on the kind of high-cost, high-commitment Christianity that televangelists like Peter Popoff have been flooding the airwaves with for years, except instead of a $20 bottle of holy spring water and a prayer mat, adherents get brainwashed into having intense, unjustifiable hatred for their neighbors.”

The paper also said burning a Quran is ‘an act to incite a confrontation’ and it can not figure out how an event like this could possibly further their movement despite having their freedom of speech. Therefore the paper is against protesting the group’s book burning.

“Sure, they have their right to freedom of speech, but we really can’t figure out how an event like this could possibly further their movement. Burning a Quran is something that anyone outside the fold of their cult would view as an act to incite a confrontation.”

“Unfortunately, people like this interpret any sort of attention – be it positive or negative – as affirmation that they are doing the right thing. That said, we are against protesting the group’s book burning since it would only push Dove World to turn up their zeal to 11 and plan more events like this in the future,” reads the statement.

Photo courtesy: ‘Burn Quran Day’ Facebook page