#Exclusive: Focus on Islamic Information Bureau 2019 Sisters Camp


    Shanice Sellemani, a second year Bachelor of Science of Architectural Studies at Malawi Polytechnic says Sisters Camp organised by Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) in 2019 in Blantyre was important to Muslim girls in the country.

    Speaking in an exclusive Interview with Malawi Muslim Website , Sellemani says girls are looking forward to another IIB Sisters Camp in 2020.

    “It was a great camp of course. A camp that inspires one religiously and secularly, socially as well as economically for the development of Islam,”

    “As myself, I got inspired, motivated and learnt something which I didn’t know,” she says.

    Sellemani says the inspirational remarks made by Rasheedah Nsamila, the first female Muslim student to graduate with Distinction in Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences (Geology) at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) helped her to believe that everything is possible in life.

    “Rasheedah Nsamila
    made me to believe that everything is possible. That even I can make it,” she says.

    Sellemani tells Malawi Muslim Website that the camp helped them to pray five times daily.

    “We never miss a Swalaah and we were always praying in time. It is something that can increase our Imaan. We can be agents of change no matter what our background and the camp helped to develop our Islamic personality,” she says.

    Sellemani is confident to recite Qur’an during 2020 IIB Sisters Camp

    Sellemani says during the camp she interacted with other girls and share important knowledge and skills.

    “I met sisters from various schools. Some are studying religious education. There was a time of Quran recitation in front and I wasn’t confident enough to go there. I am working on that to recite next time, insha Allah,”

    “On the other hand, meeting sisters from various schools gave me a feeling that at least most of us are working for the development of Islam. It gave me a feeling to work harder since many of us are working for the betterment of ourselves,” she says.

    2019 IIB Sisters Camp was held under the theme,” Relevant skills for the development of Islam and sustainable socio-economic growth in Malawi.”