#Exclusive: Focus on Malawi Muslim Artists


    In this section today, Bright Malenga (BM) is chating with celebrated Nashid artist Wallace Salanje(WS).

    (BM)Tell me your biography.

    (WS) My name is Wallace Salanje, a third and last born in the family of Sheikh Salanje Maurice Njawala. The first born is Esnart Salanje, seconded by my only brother Maurice salanje.I am 29 years old.

    (BM) What is your educational background?

    (WS) I attended primary school at Mzimundilinde and Ntalikachao primary schools and later selected to Balaka Secondary school.

    I did my tertiary education at the Malawi Institute of Tourism from 2009 to. 2012.

    (BM) You are a Nashid artist .Do your you see any progress?

    (WC) The industry is progressing well as I am able to disseminate the message of Islam through the channel I was given to use by Allah, through Nashid.

    (BM)What is your marital status?

    (WS) I am married to Saida Sanudi and I am blessed with two boys, khalil and Harrison.

    I am able to teach my family about Islam through my Nashid because they also listen.

    (BM) What is your advice to Muslims? How do you connect singing Nashid to spreading Islam?

    (WS) Islam is all about practice and not by name. Remember no one will enter into Paradise just because of Nashid or because of being called a Muslim.

    The freedom and sweetness of jannah will never come on silver platter.

    Let’s perform Swalat while we are spreading the messages through Nashid.

    Islam is broad, there are a lot of people who have been made muslims after listening to my Nashid.

    However, Nashid are not islamic if they are used in a wrong way but in this context we use Nashid as a tool to educate, encourage and strengthen people .

    (BM) What are your future plans?

    (WS)I can’t project my future but surely Allah is the one who accomplishes our planned goals.

    I wish I could reach to the extent that people have changed their mind to start showing up true colours because mostly we are able to accuse other people of hating us but we lack support for each other.

    We watch when people are misbehaving in life. We take selfie pictures in front of people who need assistance.

    This is not Islamic and Insha Allah, I will change it through Nashid. I need to be influential, Insha Allah.