Eyes on focus, Arab revolution or outside Conspiracy


    MAMRevolution or outside conspiracy? With this question, political and social analysts in the Muslim world are working tirelessly to find the reality on the ground. While we are busy following of what is happening in the Arab world with an eager eye, and the consequences of the resolution number 1973 from the UN and how this will affect the efforts of cease fire and the unity of Libya.

    Many political and social analysts in the Muslim world have the same opinion the importance of responding to the calls of the citizens for the reform in economic, political and social justice. It’s a right for the citizens to know how their leaders are leading the affairs of their respective countries, transparency accountability is very important in a democratic country, and Islam encourages this.

    Only that the analysts differed on the way or the methods citizens are following to realize their legitimate demands, that has allowed or paved ways for outsiders to intervene and transform the main aims of revolutions in the region to fulfill their hidden agendas, and take revenge to the leaders like Gaddafi and others alike who have been barriers and obstacles to the interests of the west in the region for a long time.

    Meanwhile political analysts and common people in the region have mixed views to what is going on in the region, is it Revolution or Conspiracy from outside the region. They also have expressed their fears from the interventions, “some powers will take advantage of resolution number 1973 to drive the main goals of this “clean” revolution in Libya to save their own agendas”. Other countries have expressed their doubt towards the intention behind the overwhelming agreement on resolution 1973 which allows the international (western) army of using force to impose no fly zone in Libya.

    Giving examples of what happened in Tunisia, Egypt and what is going on in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria and other countries in the region. Other commentators have questioned the fast response from France, UK, US and others western governments to the developments in Libya, while the same governments were almost silent and turned a blind eye of what was taking place in Tunisia, Egypt and lately in Bahrain, until last hour when they sensed that their allied regimes in Egypt and Tunisia will not withstand the pressure from the citizens is where they began to make remarks of supporting the citizens in their demands for change.

    To the contrary, the responses from US and its allies to what is happening in Bahrain, they announced from the very first day their full support to the government of Bahrain, this stands has been translated by some as fear from US government because the majority of those calling for change in Bahrain are Shia who are being supported by Iran, and Iran is the first enemy of western governments in the region. US has a military base in Bahrain, its fear is, if the Shia take control of the kingdom Iran will rule the kingdom from behind through the Shiites as is the matter in Iraq now.

    From here we are now able to conclude and see how US and its allies are handling these “revolutions” according to their benefits in that country. The government of Syria was under fire from the very first day of demonstrations; western governments criticized the Syrian government of using power to separate the demonstrators, and expressed their full support to the demonstrators.

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    1. I think there is something wrong somewhere. I am also wondering how outsiders have reacted heavily on Libya than Egypt and Tunisia as you have put it.

      Another thing I dont understand is why these protests are just happening in Muslim countries. Or is only Muslim leaders who are not tolerant, dictators? If so, then are they themselves not able to deal with the problems? It's complicated!

      • Brother from my point of view and humble understanding of all these fast and strong waves of protests in the region it has multiple dimentions. The play here is clear the wests are reacting to these developments in the region according to its interests. The leaders in the region have contributed a lot to these revolutions, just imagine one having ruled the country for more than 2 to 3 decads and still not ready to pave way for others to rule, this automatically creates tentions.

        I don't think that there are no dictators outside the Muslim world, only that the degree is the different. Leaders in the wests are even more intolerance, if they are, why do they don't allow Muslim women to wear Hijab in public places for example!.

        Unfortunately Arab leaders are reacting to these revolutions as if they are not aware of the dangers attached to these demontrations. I only ask these leaders to respond wisely and positively, otherwise the whole region will sink and non will escape from its dangers.

    2. All I can say at this point is lets all make Dua'a for the Muslim lands. These DEMOS should not make us forget the problems of our people in GAZA, WEST bank, Eritrea, Somalia, Chechen Muslims, Chinese Muslims and other than that. I retaliate once more, the least we can some of us is simply to make Dua' for our brothers and sisters in ISLAM going through atrocities. Am not quick at blaming the WEST on the ZHULM going on in the middle east or Arab world. Some of the problems I think the Muslims themselves are calling upon them. They have their priorities misplaced and there is a serious lack of preparations. And the WEST as we know them at the moment they are very much ready to take on anyone militarily because they learnt lessons in the passed when most of them suffered defeats by small nations even such as VIETNAM. Muslims now should have been leading in technology because history has it that civilization peaked in their states when the WEST languished in DARK ages, but they relaxed and became so ignorant about the knowledge of the DEEN and the Duniyyah, consequently, we are paying in a way. Look at Saddam the way he used to brag about how he was going to destroy the U.S. army if they ever bothered to enter his soils, what happened, he was captured in a HOLE, lack of preparations! In Libya we know why it is so swift for the WESTERN forces to quickly walk in, talk about protecting the civilians, these scoundrels act like they are tricking KIDZ in kindergarten. If protecting civilians is their only agenda, I applaud them big time, and they should continue as long as the oppression continues, till then, let us continue on the WATCH…….

      • You are right bro Alex, these developments should not take us away from the main cole of our problems, we neen to sit-down and ponder what has gone wrong for the Ummah to forget its basics, when our brother/sister are being killed like birds in Palestine, Afghanstan Pakistan and other parts of the world we are just watching as if they are not part of this ummah, waiting the same killers (wests) to solve the problems this is very funny. we really need to work up.

    3. The wests are acting with double standards.They back with the regime if it is its ally and just the opposite if the regime is the threat to their interest. God is in control! If it is over with its superpowerness, nobody can control it from happening. The nations that are facing protests have mostly acted as roots to their being a superpower.May the results of all the revolutions be pro islam as that of Egypt.

      • The wests need to rearange their goals in the region, after loosing their key ally Egypt they have no choice but to redraft their propagandas.Theya are even regreting now the pro Islam have taken a lead in Egypt, their social programs are widely welcomed by mijority in the country. Now more than 3 strong Islamic parties have been formed. The Muslim brotherhood the only party showed opposition the pased 2 decades though were practising politics under the mercy of then ruling party, now are freely doing whatever they want. In september people are expecting to see Brotherhood maitaining majority in parliament.

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