Fired MAM Executive Members Seek Court Relief

    Biton Ajawa: Sought Court Relief

    Tension still growing in Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM). Following the expulsion of three executive members, the High Court in Lilongwe has granted an injunction to two plaintiffs stopping the association from implementing its decision.

    The Association on Monday this week issued a public statement announcing the expulsion of its three Central Body members, namely, Biton Ajawa, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika and Al-Haj Twalick Asedi for “their misbehaviour culminating in contravention of the Constitution of the Association.”

    However, on Tuesday, Biton Ajawa and Twalick Asedi sought an injunction stopping the association from implementing its decision.

    Members argue that the decision to expel them is “unconstitutional.”

    According to Justice Kamanga, the two granted order of inter-locutory injunction.

    “It is hereby ordered that an inter-locutory order of Injunction be and is hereby granted prohibiting the defendants to go ahead with their resolutions expelling the plaintiffs from the Central Body,” reads the part of the court order.

    Justice Kamanga therefore, said that the plaintiffs should file an inter-partte summons for an inter-locutory injunction within 14 days from the date of this order.

    But, MAM Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar has since expressed ignorance on the matter.


    1. Muslims must do away with these bickering s.we need a united front if the association really represent Muslim populace in this country.Already we are sidelined in various development spheres(education,percentage of Muslims in the university, politics ,muslim voice is not being heard,) Resolve this in the soonest of time.How can you allow secular courts govern Islamic affair, I thought you are guided by Koran , hadith, shariah

    2. MAM,Its truely growing in Leadership systems.21century is about vision,interaction,building leaders for the nation,analysing and be part of this countrys policies.

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