First Lady Asks Muslim Women MPs to Put on Hijaab

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    Mponel, Dowa-Malawi’s first lady Madame Callista Mutharika has urged Muslim women parliamentarians in the country to put on Hijaab in August House to show that they are proud of their religion.

    The First Lady made the call in Mponela, Dowa at the official opening ceremony of this year’s Muslim Women Ijtmah where she was also Guest of Honour.

    She said that by dressing according to their religion the women would also act as role models to other Muslim women aspiring to be legislators.

    It is for this reason, Madame Callista asked Muslims in the country to vote for more women, in particular Muslims in the forthcoming 2014 General Elections.

    She said if there would be large number of Muslim women in the August house, it would be easy for them to express their views on the issues that affect their day-to-day lives.

    Currently, there are less than five Muslim women in the August house.

    She said it is also a wish of the President Bingu wa Mutharika’s government to make sure that the lives of women are improved in the country regardless of their religion affiliation.

    The First Lady however, asked men Muslims to empower their wives. She said men should take example of the country’s President Bingu wa Mutharika who empowered her by appoiting her to be National Coordinator for Safe Motherhood. She said she is now strong woman because of the President’s support.

    In her remarks, Muslim Women Organisation (MWO) central region Chairlady Khadija Sama Hamdani, thanked the Madame Callista for gracing the occasion. But,  asked the government through the First Lady to make sure that women’s right of dressing is not denied. She said despite having a freedom of dressing, it is sad to see other employers not letting Muslim women to wear Hijaab in their work places.

    Hamdani also asked the First Lady to include more Muslim women in the Safe Motherhood program. She said government should make sure that Muslim women are also given a chance to attend trainings, as it is the case with other non-Muslims women.

    Hamdani gave Tradition Birth Attendants (Azamba) training as an example.

    Sister Hamdani therefore, handed over a book titled, The Real Muslim Woman to the First Lady written by former Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Alhaj Yusuf Kanyamula.

    She said it is better for the first lady to read for herself who the real Muslim woman is than just hearing in the media or from other unauthentic sources.

    The three-day Muslim Women Ijtmah which started yesterday, is expected to end tomorrow, October 2. It is an annual event which attracts multitude of Muslim women across the nation.

    The First Lady donated K2 million to the women. This year’s Ijtmah is held under the theme, ‘Empowering Women in the Participation of Development in the Country.’

    Aisha Mambo, reporting for Malawi Muslims Official Website from Mponela, Dowa. Marshall Dyton in Blantyre also contributed to this report.


    1. That is good news,from the first Lady to call for muslim MPs to put on Hijab in August house.That should also go to other institutions,Bravo MWO for inviting the first lady to be guest of honour.Next time invite the head of state himself and ask more from the government.Men take such good example from our beloved sisters not enganging in backbiting in our midist.

    2. Thanks to Islamic Information Bu, your efforts are now bearing fruits. Even the First Lady is buying the Idea. Keep it up. Where is Muslim Welfare Organisation. This is what you should be promoting.

    3. Twaha, you can not force a non-Muslim to put on Hijab. The First Lady spoke sense. On Muslim MPs not putting on Hijab is not a fault of anybody else other than themselves. There is no law prohibiting them to put on Hijab. See what Mapesi Gondwe was wearing in the August House. He was putting on a Muslim cap (Tunga) in the August House, but no Muslim male MP emulated the example set by Mapesi. You will see our lady Muslim MPs still shunning away from putting on Hijab in the August House in spite of her call. Voted into the August House in 2014, you will see me putting on Mkanjo and a turban (Nduwila) in the August House. Why not, I am proud of Islam. Enanu ma suit yavi-yavi basi in Parliament ngati si Asilamu. Nkuona mumasintha m'maina omwe Achisilamu.

    4. The first lady should be commended for remindind muslim women to wear hijab. At the same time is a shame to the muslim fraternity that it should take a non muslim to remind us to dress according to Islamic teaching. These are some of the issues that Islamic Organisations should priotise in their agendas. To make sure that our muslim brothers and sisters,mothers and fathers in decision making positions are the torch bearers of our religion.May Allah increase our imaan and knowledge. Allahuma ameen

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