Fracas at Zomba Islamic High School over ‘Bad Food’


Students at Zomba Islāmic High School on Friday went on rampage during breakfast due to poor food the school is serving them.

The students have smashed windows and other property claiming the Boarding Master of the school ‘is taking us for granted’.

“Our school has been giving us poor food. We have been complaining to the authorities but to no avail. They were just ignoring our concern,” one student who opted for anonymity confided with Malawi Muslims Official Website.

The student further said that the action has been taken as one way of showing anger to the management so that a swift action should be taken.

The school’s Principal, Wyson Jafar has since confirmed the development but he could not give more information about the incident.

However, reports indicate there is disarray in the school’s management with some members of staff tussling over leadership positions. Therefore, it is alleged that the some ‘opportunists’ are instigating students to revolt against the administration to find loop holes in advancing their agenda.

The school which is owned by the Muslim Association of Malawi MAM   is in a dilapidated state because it has never been renovated since its construction in 1983.

This rampage comes at a time when MAM is asking Muslims in the country to contribute towards its goal of renovating the school.


  1. I was there during the fracas, lastly the students had demostration over the scarcity of water @ the xul due the failure of payin water bills whch resulted water board 2 disconect, as of now there is a trusted report that the xul is failin 2 pay city rates and the city council has warned 2 close the xul, this is so embarassin 4 us muslims and this stuation is givin me a thick cloud of doubt if indeed MAM can run a Islamic university, this is the time MAM should find a solution 2 put to rest the current problems but i suggest that MAM should hand over the xul 2 a vibrant islamic organisation to run a xul, be it albaraka or IZF.

  2. Some of us reside in Zomba and we know the whole source of the and real cause of the fracas on that day. It is unfortunate that you have decided to report that way. How come that the issue food could end up in the students wanting to kill the deputy principal? Find out more from all the people concerned. The students themselves indicated that there was no any way their strike would be seen as justifiable without taking food as the cause.

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