Govt. ready with new secondary school curriculum


School children

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has said everything is inorder for the introduction of the new curriculum in all secondary schools in the country

The spokesperson in the ministry Manfred Ndobvi told Malawi Muslims Website in an exclusive interview that being two weeks far away for the 2015/2016 academic season, the ministry is about to conduct the orientations to the secondary school teachers on how they will  use this curriculum.

“Our ministry is well prepared as we have remained two weeks only for the opening of 2015/2016 education calendar, as we told the nation that we want to introduce new curriculum for the secondary school education, now we have done everything to execute this,” said Ndobvi

Ndobvi also said that the ministry is waiting to receive some of the materials for this syllabus which some of them are books and laboratory chemicals for science subjects from China and United Kingdom (UK).

“We planned that science subject should be compulsory to every student in the country, so other countries have promised to donate with chemicals and other apparatus for practical work this subject,” he said

Asked on some of the measures that the ministry has put in place to make sure that there is the sustainability of this curriculum said; “the sustainability will be there since the government has well primed for this issue since these materials will be distributed to all the government secondary schools in the country and the government will be monitoring come up with the evaluations at the end of this coming academic calendar,” said the spokesperson

The owners of the private schools in the country have also said they have already prepared for this program since these schools have already started buying these materials to move together with the government.

Independent Schools Association of Malawi (ISAMA) president Joseph Patel attributed this to Malawi Muslims Website.

“We are not lagging behind since there was a communication before between the government and us (ISAMA), we have well prepared to introduce this curriculum to all the private schools in the country and we hope we will perform according to the government’s expectations,” said Patel

The government wants to introduce this new curriculum so that every student should be learning science subjects like Physics and Chemistry.