How The Muslims In Ndola Prepare For Eid-Ul-Fitr


    Every year, muslims throughout the world fast in the month of Ramadhan and at the end of this month they offer special prayer-Eid-Ul-Fitr. This is the prayer that marks the end of fasting. On this day, muslims feast and celebrate. Muslims in Ndola have also joined the rest of the world in preparing for this festivity. As the prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “every society had their own festival and this is our festival.”

    I caught up with brother Juma Muhammad Mubarak of Ndeke turn-off Mosque. “As muslims, the first thing that we do as we prepare for Eid is to pay zakat ul-fitr. This involves donating food stuffs that is eaten within our location to the people in need. This is done to enable them join the rest of the people in celebrating this festival.” He said.

    “As muslims, we  have to follow the sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (SAW). If we have money, we buy new clothes for ourselves and our children so that everyone is happy on that day. We go to the mosque in new clothes.” Added brother Juma. ”After praying Eid, food is normally prepared where friends and relatives join together to pertake the food. Since we are muslims, our celebration is different from other people. Ours involves glorifying Allah-(Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, Lailahaillallah allah akbar).” He said.

    It is indeed a celebration which each and every muslim in the world take part in. it marks the end of the month of blessings. “It would have been a better world if all muslims conducted themselves like this throughtout their lives.” Said brother Juma.