HRDC Asks Government to Reverse its desicion on Lockdown


    The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has asked the government to reverse its desicion on lockdown which is expected to start on 18th April, 2020.

    HRDC leaders disclosed that government has not made an analysis on how the lockdown is going to affect poor people in absence of cushioning measures.

    Speaking at a press briefing today, HRDC Executive Member, MacDonald Sembereka has warned that the rights body will go to court to seek legal action on the matter if the government does not lift the desicion on lockdown.

    “We consider the lockdown illegal as HRDC we will seek legal action we never the less given government an opportunity to reverse the desicion until all remedies are put into place,”

    “Our major concern is to do with the poor and ensuring that the protection we are providing towards COVID-19 is also covering those people and ensuring that they don’t suffer”, said Sembereke.

    Sembereka also noted that the HRDC legal team is going to court today and perhaps the rights body will get the feedback as soon as possible.

    Commenting on demos Sembereka said as HRDC they can’t rule out the possibility of Malawians.

    “We have already seen action in Mzuzu, we have seen action in Blantyre among health workers. We are being approached by various stakeholders as regard to the same and as soon as possible we would rather come to the general public and inform them accordingly,”

    “Nevertheless, I think that’s the reason we are warning the government to ensure that they reverse the desicion as regards to the day when the lockdown start”,said Sembereka.

    President Muntharika on Tuesday evening announced that the country will go in a 21 day lockdown starting from Saturday midnight with the aim of preventing the spread of novel Coronavirus.

    Meanwhile different stakeholders including political parties have reacted saying the President has rushed making the desicion without taking into consideration the welfare of citizens.