HRDC Tells Mutharika to Stop attacking Judiciary


Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has joined Malawi Law Society (MLS) asking President Peter Muntharika to stop attacking the judiciary.

Speaking on Tuesday 2nd June, 2020 ,HRDC Chairperson Gift Trapence said what the President is doing is totally wrong and at the same time Mutharika is abusing the laws of the country.

“It is true and there is a straight forward information and evidence that the President has been on tour castigating our Judiciary. Attacks against Judiciary is an attack against our democracy and we can not allow our president to be attacking, castigating our Judges. This must stop because it is wrong”,said Trapence.

HRDC Chairperson also noted that the President should accept that he lost the case and move on.

“As HRDC, we are asking him to accept that he lost the case infact twice both at Constitutional Court and Supreme Court therefore he should move on. If he has lost a case that does not necessarily mean our Judges should be castigated and I think they should be separation of powers. Life is not about castigating the Judges. He should accept the reality that he lost a case and not focusing on castigating and threatening our Judges because that is also threatening our democracy”,said Trapence.

President Muntharika has been attacking the Judges for nullifying 21 May, 2019 presidential elections results claiming that the Judges were wrong to nullify the elections because he won the elections and the elections were free and fair.