Hundreds of Muslims Take Part in Demos


On Thursday, Muslims joined other thousands of Malawians who went into streets to demonstrate against the outcome of the May 21 tripartite elections and demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.

The Muslims carried banners with the message “Jane Ansah why do you hate Muslims?” and “Kukhala Msilamu Sichifukwa (being a Muslim is not a crime)”.

These came amid allegations made by the ex-vice president Dr Saulos Chilima who is also United Transformation Movement (UTM) against Jane Ansah early this month.

In a letter, which was written on 7 June 2019, Chilima alleges that the MEC chairperson told her members of staff that “she would be grateful if they helped ensure that Professor Muthalika gets re-elected,” saying she did not want Rev. Dr Lazarus Chakwera to be elected because his running mate (Sidik Mia) “is a devoted Muslim.”

This angered not only Muslims, but non Muslims too in the country who said Malawi is for everyone and no one should be stopped from contesting any public office because of his or her religious afilliations.

Although the demonstrations were held by CSOs, many politicians especially from the opposition parties also joined the protests. Among them is MCP’s leader Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and UTM president Saulos Chilima.


  1. The allegation by Chilima is very serious.

    If proven to be true, it has capacity to divide the nation and damage national building efforts, every caring citizen (the majority) has pursued since ’64.

    I hope concerted and immediate efforts will be directed towards getting to the bottom of this, so that the truth can be known and any person(s) harboring such retrogressive and divisive views exposed and dealt with – decisively.

    The Malawi Electoral Commission (M.E.C.) and appeals Court are not religious/church outposts, they are uniquely strategic areas for the state and NATIONAL key points for that matter.

    Ideally, anyone working, let alone heading up such key institutions must be above reproach, particularly with regards to reckless utterances, damning and very divisive views like the one alleged.

    By conducting such an investigation, a loud and clear massage would have been sent to the would be occupants of these key national spaces that; a bold line must always be drawn between their distorted, subjective and divisive views and the carrying out of their national duty.

    In all, it is my wish, that somebody takes up this allegation and digs deeper.

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