IIB Asks Malawian Muslims to React to US’s Anti-Islam Film in A Dignified Manner

Sheikh Chabulika: Let’s react in a dignified manner

Islamic Information Bureau (IIB) has asked Muslims in the country to react to US’s Anti-Islam Film in a dignified manner – not by violence saying Islam doesn’t not allow blood shedding.

Sheikh Dinala Chabulika National Coordinator of the organisation made the call in a special program aired on Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Radio 1 on Wednesday evening and was monitored live by Malawi Muslims Official Website.

“Everyone knows how Muslims are angry over the film which depicts the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a womaniser and a war monger which was a total insult to all Muslims across the globe. But I am asking my fellow Malawian Muslims to react it in a dignified manner not by violence because Islam prohibits any means of violence,” he said.

Sheikh Chabulika also reminded Muslims that this is not first time Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has been insulted therefore the most important thing is to stand firm to their faith.

“This should not weaken our Imaan (faith). It also happened even when the Prophet himself was alive – jews used to call him a magician, a witchcraft and all sorts of bad names but he never asked his followers to kill them. His ultimate victory in Makkah came through peace not through conflict. And with that victory, he chose a path of reconciliation rather than revenge,” said Chabulika.

The coordinator has since revealed that his organisation will soon produce and distribute Islamic literatures which depicts the true legacy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

“We need Malawians to know the true legacy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) because I have seen that some of these people do this out of ignorance,” he said.

The amateur film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ sparked outrage across the Middle East, North Africa and Asia last week. Many Muslims were infuriated by a clip of the film posted to YouTube that mocked Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. YouTube had since refused to take out the clip.

The independent film was allegedly produced and directed by Sam Bacile, a 56 year-old Israeli-American real estate developer. According to Ynet, Bacile said he raised $5 million from about 100 Jewish donors, whom he declined to identify. On the eleventh anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, controversial pastor Terry Jones released a video promoting the film, which portrays the Prophet in what he described as a “satirical” manner.

Mass demonstrations directed against the US government are being held across the Middle East. The demonstrations have left scores of people injured and others dead, the most prominent casuality being the US Ambassodor to Libya John Christopher Stevens who was killed in his vehicle in Benghazi Libya last Wednesday morning.


  1. Well understood Sheikh, but what are you saying? Are you saying we should just watch quietly from our office windows or we should go in the streets, peacefully match as you have mentioned and show America that we are not happy.
    Are you for the peaceful demonstrations or what? In fact, what are you telling the Muslim ummah?

  2. Yes the Sheikh is right, we should react in a dignified manner because we have been provoked in a dignified manner, we have always been a violence free society.

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