IIB Leaves No Stone Unturned, As They Open New Office in Mangochi


    Three months after opening office in Lusaka, Zambia, Islamic Information Bureau is leaving no stone unturned as it again opened another office at Monkey Bay trading centre in Mangochi district.

    “In the effort to make sure that Muslims in Malawi are getting full access to Islamic information, we  have honour to inform all Muslims that we have opened a new office at Monkey trading centre in Mangochi district,” Sheikh Chienda, organisation’s administrator told Malawi Muslim Official Website in a telephone interview.

    When asked, why they have chosen Monkey Bay yet there is already another office in Mangochi, Sheikh Chienda said:

    “Other Muslims were unable to get access to Islamic studies due to the long distance which is there between Monkey Bay and Mangochi , so we decided to bridge this gap first.

    “Secondly, we want to save imaan [faith] which is already there among Muslims –they have to know more about their religion because without doing that, that it is why you see other people converting to other denominations because they are lacking information- which is bad to our Muslim community.”

    Among other dignitaries who graced the event are deputy information minister, honourable, Tasizio Gowero, Mufti Cassim Abbas, T/A Chowe and many others.

    Islamic Information Bureau is one of the non-profit organizations in Malawi and is funded by Mai Aisha Trust, local Islamic charitable organization.

    The organization plans to establish offices in every district in the Country according to the administrator, Sheikh Ahmed Chienda.


    1. may Allah reward them for their efforts in furthering the interest of Islam.this is what we need. we want to find Islamic information wherever we go.

    2. Islamic information bureau should always be proud of these developments of saving the Muslim community. This is a simple thing the IIB can present to the Ummah, the availability of information to Muslims wherever and whenever they are will help increase their knowledge about Islam, it is very sorry to learn that most of Muslims around the country have less information about their religion to the point that others don’t even know how to perform ablution, how do we expect such people not to be easily deceived by other religions in one way or the other! Well done IIB.

    3. While we appreciate the efforts being made by IIB , it has been observed that only brothers are patronising the Bureaux, where are our sisters? I wish the Bureaux are patronised by sisters as well, IIB has tried to put partitions for the sisters to sit, it has never worked. Sisters please feel free to visit the Bureaux.

      Our sisters do not know what they are missing by not visiting the Bureaux, there is alot of educative Islamic literature in the Bureaux, sometimes we may feel shy to ask Sheikh Chabulika some questions on air, but if we visit the Bureaux the sisters can have a chance of personally seeing the Sheikh and ask all sorts of questions at the same time read the books to increase their imaan. For those who are out of Blantyre they may visit the Bureaux in their areas, as the same services that are rendered in Blantyre will be done in all other Bureaux.

      Much as we know and appreciate how busy our sisters are in their homes but just once in a while spending a few minutes in the Bureaux will definately do them good.

      Sisters please let us be proud of our deen and make use of the Bureaux country wide.

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