Ijtmah Cancelled, MAM Vice Chair Booed

    MAM Vice Chair, Sh. Shuaibu Ibrahim: Booed

    It is now official! Muslim Association of Malawi has officially cancelled this year’s Muslim annual gathering known as Ijtima which was scheduled to take place at Njamba freedom park in Blantyre from October 28 to October 31.

    MAM Secretary General DR Salmin Omar confirmed the postponement in an interview with Radio Islam on Saturday, 22 October 2011

    ‘’This decision has been reached at due to financial constraints. As everyone is aware that this function requires a lot of funds for it to be a success,’’ he said.

    The organising committee had a budget amounting K7 million.

    Traditionally Muslim individuals and organisations have been contributing money towards the event where among others Muslims share spiritual upliftments and how they can contribute to the development of the religion of Islam and the country.

    Reports indicate that contributors have not reached their hands towards the event because they were well informed that MAM asked Malawi’s state President Bingu wa Mutharika to fund this year’s function, and it is allegedly said that the head of state pledged to offer the whole amount.

    This development has angered many Muslims more especially those who started preparing for the event.

    Meanwhile, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Vice Chairman Sheikh Shuaibu Ibrahim was booed at Radio Islam’s 10th anniversary celebration held at Hotel Victoria in Blantyre on Saturday.

    The Chairman took advantage of his speech to announce that the cancelled Ijitma would text place in November, attracting boos from some quarters present.

    “You have nothing to tell us. Your regime has failed. Go to hell,” babbled the audience.

    Ijtmah is an annual Muslim gathering and it is the first time in its history in Malawi to be cancelled.

    Recently, Muslim women had successfully organised their Ijitima at Mponela in Dowa district where MAM chairman, Sh Idrissa Muhammad openly asked Muslims in Malawi to rally behind the rulling government, in presence of Malawi’s first lady Madam Callista Mutharika who was the guest of honour. However, reports say that the MAM chairman was not invited to the women Ijitima though he is ironically alleged to have influenced the first lady’s name to the organisers.

    ***Reporting by Ali Blessings Idi, Bashir Amin and Marshall Dyton***


    1. It is very sad to see MAM Chair leading in supporting the Government which once commanded the police to enter Masjid with boots on. Very SHAME on you BIM go to hell fire

    2. This is where we miss, Muslims in Malawi we have problems in respecting our leaders. We intend to demean our own leadership. Who do you think will respect your leaders if you start booing on your own National Vice Chairman of the entire Muslim Association. Christians will not do this to their leadership. We have the Qur'an and Sunna that teaches us to respect the leadership.

      The National Chairman did not call Muslims to support DPP but to work with the government of the day. I was there and I heard it. We need development, and with a cordial relationship with the government of the day, we will be able to push for the Muslim agenda without obstacles.

      Muslims, lets be objective and not let our emotions to lead us.

    3. what is the problem with we muslims?we always argue or criticise our own leaders who was choosen by ourself.we can not develop in our on without the govt giving the hand.here we are talking of islamic univ,but doesnt mearn that those in disagreement are in opposition,muslims have to choose working with the govt or not.

    4. How could you let us down like this??? I mean the whole MAM can go to the president asking him to fund the congregation without Plan B?? How could you trust a kaafir like that???my fellow Muslims hw serious are we??? so we cant raise just MK7 000 000 for the function and we claim to be many??? eeish!! sheikh Idriss Look at your administration hw are you doing your Home work?..Shame!!!

    5. There is a lesson to be learnt in this episody. How did MAM set a date for the Ijtima without puting all the logistics in place.that is asign of disorganisation on the part of the organising committee.Does it mean that MAM doesnt have a budget? they do not have a financial year plan? As big as MAM, how do the leaders want to run this organisation like a kantemba(makeshift) type of organisation.This is a more reason why we need people of all proffessions in this organisation not just those who have majored in Islamic Education.There is a need to have finance managers,accountants to run the day to day financial needs of MAM. People who will advise the leadership on financial matters.
      Am alive to the fact that there is nothing wrong with postponing the said event. But the reasons should be those beyond the committee's control and not like the one given so far. We all know that for the Ijitma to be successful, there should be enough money which I believe the leadership of MAM is also aware of this fact. How did they set a date before raising the required fund? Let us avoid being a laughing stock.I pray that this is the last time such incompentence is displayed in MAM.
      I personally have a great respect for MAM and therefore it really pains me to see MAM being subjected to such ridicule

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