Imran Shareef Congratulates Dr Salmin Omar on His Appointment as New MAM Secretary General



    Dr Shareef: I am very happy

    The outgoing Secretary General of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Dr Imran Shareef has congratulated his close ally Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar Idrusi on his appointment as the organisation’s new Secretary General.

    Shareef told Malawi Muslims Official Website on Wednesday in a telephone interview that he has no any reservations on the appointment of Dr Salmin Omar, describing his friend as a right person for the position.

    “I would say congratulations to Dr Salim Omar on his appointment as the new Secretary General of the Muslim Association of Malawi. The choice of Dr Salmin [Omar] bodes well for the organisation, because he has been in MAM for a long time as Deputy Executive Secretary and (also as) Regional Chairman for the South. So, I believe that he is the right choice,” said Dr Shareef.

    “MAM has an important role to play in the Country as it operates from Chitipa to Nsanje and him being Secretary General he has to be acquainted with what is happening everywhere since that is major challenge of that position but I am confident that Dr Salmin Omar will provide (the necessary skills for the job). I know him well, he is my friend and my (former) classmate,” said Dr Shareef in absolutely excitement tone.

    In her remarks, Muslim Women Organisation National Chairlady Sister Fatima Ndaila also expressed her excitement with the new Secretary General and said she expects nothing than good work from Dr Salmin Omar Idrusi.

    “I just say congratulations! He is a right person for the position and I hope he will deliver because he was there before he became Presidential Advisor. Let us just pray for him so that he should be able run his affairs with no hassles,” said Ndaila.

    Ali Twanje who has replaced Amani Kunje, will deputize Dr Salmin Omar while former Financial Director January Bwanali is now Acting Executive Director after Saiti Jambo was sent on a forced leave.

    However, Jambo’s suspension does not come as a surprise to many people since during the MAM elections period, he was accused by aspiring candidates that he was abusing his position by favouring the ex-MAM Secretary General Dr Imran Shareef on his quest to become the Association’s Chairman. Apparently, it was Dr Shareef who appointed Jambo to the post of Executive Secretary despite him lacking the necessary qualifications (of having an undergraduate degree) as per the provisions of MAM’s Constitution.



    1. That's better Shaikhs,better bare no grudges against each other coz we know that you two belongs to different factions though classmates though Doctors.May Allah guide our Deen Ameenah!

    2. My congratulations to Sheikh Dr Salmin Omar and Brother Allie Twanje for being appointed Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General respetively. I have no doubt you will deliver to the expectation of Muslim Ummah in Malawi in particular and the Muslim world in general.

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