Islamic Online University (IOU) Finally Opens Branch in Malawi



Sh. Chabulika: IOU Representative in Malawi

Blantyre, Malawi : Islamic Information Bureau which operates under Malawi Muslims Association (MAM) has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoA) with Islamic Online University (IOU) to open a branch here in Malawi following a visit by Sheikh Mohamed Issa of Tanzania who is also IOU Resident Representative in East and Central .

This means that Malawian Muslims and non-Muslims will have an opportunity to access authentic Islamic knowledge.

The main aim of the MoA is to promote IOU in Malawi and IIB, which has information bureau all over Malawi and one in Lusaka, Zambia. The Bureau has also agreed to offer its centers to be IOU learning and exams center.

According to the MoA, MAM-IIB will deal with all IOU students requirements including collecting students fees payment, dealing with IOU students problems relating to studies by communicating with IOU headquarters in Doha, Qatar or IOU Tanzania Office.

Sheikh Dinala Chabulika, a graduate of Madenah University, will be IOU Resident Representative in Malawi. 


  1. Thats very great. Allah akbar. İ personally trust the knowledge of Professor Bilal Philips who is the founder of IUO. May Allah make us among the one to benefit his knowledge

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