Islamic Relief Malawi to Spice Ramadan Food Distribution with “Eid ul Fitr Gift Project”


    With only few days remaining, for Muslims world over, to mark the beginning of the blessed Month of Ramadan, Islamic Relief Malawi is prepared to distribute food items to needy Muslims and other people. The distribution is scheduled to cover five selected districts in the southern region of Malawi.

    The organization is expected to start distributing food items this month end to ensure the needy fasting Muslims do not lack food as it is expected to commence early June, 2016.

    “Our organization this year, is prepared to distribute food packages to five districts in the country and currently we have 8500 Ramadan food packs to be distributed, with the hope to get more extra to maximize the figure to 9,000 In Shaa Allah,” said Sherifa Mia, Head of Programs at Islamic Relief Malawi.

    The earmarked districts to carry the distribution exercise include: Machinga, in the Traditional Authority Nyambi with 2500 food packs, Balaka in the area of Group Village Headman Nandumbo with 2500 packs, Chiradzulu with 1500 food packs, Chikwawa 1,400 food packs covering Thabwa, Lengwe, Miseu Folo and Nsagwe areas and finally Blantyre targeting mainly Soche area.


    Mia: we hope to get more extra to maximize the figure to 9,000 In Shaa Allah

    Islamic Relief Malawi is proud to announce that it managed to get 158 million Malawi kwacha, aimed at carrying out distribution of food items during the month of fasting.


    With a smiling face showing off what is inside the food package

    Additionally, Islamic Relief Malawi said that although the Ramadan food packs are intended for the needy fasting families, however, where there are non Muslim or non fasting needy families, IR does not discriminate them. If these families are food insecure and vulnerable like elderly, they will be included in the food distribution.

    “Islamic Relief is a humanitarian organization and provides support regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender, such that even though Ramadan is for Muslims, we still include other non-Muslim vulnerable people.” she said.


    Some of the beneficiaries in last year’s IR Iftar program going home with their packages

    She further said the organization will also bring a special project during month of Ramadam which is funded by Islamic Relief Germany.

    “This year we have been graced to have an extra project for Ramadan which we are calling “Eid ul Fitr Gifts Project” funded by Islamic Relief Germany. In this project, we are targeting orphans and vulnerable children and we want them to have good Eid In Shaa Allah this year.  We will be providing them with some Eid gifts and these gifts will include school shoes and some school stationeries which will also assist them at school and also new clothes and blankets.  Currently we are preparing those so that they can get them before fasting comes to an end and 410 orphans and vulnerable children are expected to benefit from this program.” concluded Mia.

    The offered packages will contain 20 kgs of maize flour, rice 10 kgs, beans 3 kgs, sugar 3 kgs, 1 kg salt and 1 litre of cooking oil.