IUMS’ President Qardawi addresses the Millions in Tahrir Square


    Cairo: International Union of Muslim Scholars’ President Qardawi Addressing the hundreds of thousands of gathered people on victory Friday as described by the 25th January revolution youths, Shaikh Yousef Qardawi Egypt by nationality delivered a Friday sermon at Tahrir square for the first time since 1981, after he was banned from any activities in the country due to his stands against the ousted regime.

    Shaikh Qardawi congratulated the youth for the great and tiresome task, their steadfastness throughout 17 days until the last day of Mr. Mubarak and his team stepped down.

    “I call on the Egyptian army to liberate us from the government that Mubarak formed,” Shaikh Qaradawi said.

    He compared the old regime as Pharaoh’s “Mubarak and his regime’s arrogance went beyond imagination, they thought Allah shall let them long last, they treated the citizens as animals” the Shaikh shouted.

    Influential Egyptian Sheikh said the Arab world had changed and leaders should listen to their people. He also called for the release of all political prisoners and for Egypt’s new military leaders to form a new government.

    On other side, in the city of Alexandria, the second largest city of Egypt, Imam Ahmad of Ibrahim Mosque also praised the youths for the revolution by describing them as the real champions of the nation. The Imam recited some verses from the holy Qur’an.

    “Have you not seen how our Lord dealt with the Aad. Iram of the pillars,The like of which was never created in any land? And the Thamood, who hewed out rocks in the valley. And with Pharaoh of the stakes, who were insolent in the land. (Qur’an 89:6-11)

    Describing the old regime as too arrogant “they forgot that there is Allah who hears supplications of the oppressed, “the regime was lion on the face of its citizens and harmony on USA” shouted the Imam.

    After Friday prayers, the demonstrators chanted “Allah akbar Allah akbar” (Allah is great Allah is great). Others lifted placards written “this Friday is Friday of cleaning the remaining faces of the old regime ministers”.

    Meanwhile attorney general has ordered the detention of ministers of Defense, Tourism, Housing and Trade for 15 days in custody for enquiry guarantee.

    However a report from the ministry of Health has announced a list of 360 names of people who have lost their lives since the revolution erupted, with hundreds of injuries still in hospitals.

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