Kanyamula Gently Withdraws Himself From MAM Ledearship Race

    Photo courtesy: Nyasatimes

    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) current chairman, Sheikh Yusuf Kanyamula who was also eyeing for another five years term yesterday shocked Malawian Muslims when he declared himself that he will no longer compete in the upcoming elections.

    Sheikh Kanyamula revealed this when Malawimuslim.com tried to ask him what new things should Malawian Muslims expect from him if he is given another term.

    “Asking me about what? I am not competing in the [MAM] leadership. Who has told you that I am one of the contesters? They are liars,” he said.

    Sheikh Kanyamula did not give any reasons of his withdraw but according to some other reports, say that people have been pressurizing him to step down because of his age and he should allow new young blood to come in.

    Elections organizing committee chairman, brother Amani Kunje confirmed on the withdraw but did not give any information as the candidate has not yet communicated to the electoral commission.

    “Of course there are speculations that he has withdrawn from the race but he has not yet communicated to us officially and we have also not yet asked him,” said brother Kunje.

    When asked about elections’ date, brother Kunje simply said, “there is no set date of the elections because as of now there are other things we are finalizing. When we will be through, then we will be able to announce the exact date of the elections.”


    1. I think Sheikh Kanyamula is right to withdraw himself from the forthcoming election. This is the fine way that is supposed to be taken by moderate leaders who are worthy of respect during their resting. It is also another way of endowing with enough space for the new blood to lead the Ummah, since, as I believe that those who want to contest this year have never been on the post and they have sufficient lessons from the just ending administration; all that were blushing the Association shall be patched up and people expect fabulous changes to turn out in the country. I ask Allah to lead Malawians towards the right choice.

    2. Oooooh!!that's really shocking,when did the sheikh withdrew from the race?anyway if it is on good intetion then its Good and Wishing him goodlife and continue on advisory role.

    3. Thatz gud idea,nd i agree wth hm.anthu otero amasowa ousiya mpando onona ngati umenewu jst lyk.I hp pple wil gv more respect 2 hm 4 wat h jst done,he showed realy he z aman of God.May Allah reward hm 4 any gud he has done 2 Malawi ummah during his term nd 4gv hm 4 any mistake he made knowingly nd unknowingly INSHA ALLAH.MAY ALLAH BLESS MALAWIAN UMMAH AND GRANT US WTH A PERFECT,GOOD,FRUITFUL AND PIOUS LEADER WHO WISH GOOD 2 THE UMMAH INSHA ALLAH..

    4. I totally disagree with you all, otherwise the chairmanship is not something to play with and all those who are competing apart from HIM (kanyamula) are not fit for the post. Yes he is too old but its something which we proud of it when we point him out that, "this i our national chairman its something youcan feel it. Any way he has done alot to this country good and bad lets ask Allah to forgive and reward respectively.

      My appeal to whoever is taking the chair {mpando} plz priotise MAM head office we are tired with that of your small office.Otherwise we will just ask the electral commission to suspend the whole process insteady we facilitate the change of the constitution by having national Muft who Sheikh Abbas Qassim/Qassim Abbas whatever they call is enough, then we should have strong secretariate. Lets wait and see b4 we propose this.

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