Kuwait based Islamic Organisation Responds to Malawi Floods



    A Kuwait based organisation Revival of Islamic Heritage Society has joined the international community to assist Malawian families who were affected by floods few months ago.

    Malawi experienced floods which were caused by torrential rains leaving scores of people dead, livestock and possessions swept away and subsistence crops lost.

    The United Nations estimates the death toll from the torrential rains from 79 to more than 200 with least 174,000 people displaced and 638,000 affected.

    So far, about 200 evacuation camps for displaced people have been set up and the need for the food and other assistance is still enormous.

    The UN’s World Food Programme last month said it urgently needs $18m to continue food assistance and Malawi’s president, Professor Arthur Peter wa Mutharika, said the damage will cost 23.9bn kwacha and declared half the country a disaster zone.

    Mutharika has been urging the international community to assist while it slowly working alongside the UN and NGOs in recovering efforts.

    konzere camp

    More than a month down the line, victims can afford a smile as the international community has started responding to the floods.

    One of the organisations is Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, based in Kuwait whose delegation arrived in the country last week.

    “We first heard it from Malawian Ambassador to Kuwait who told us about this devastating story. Then we started following up with keen interest through the international media before we got in touch with Muslim Association of Malawi.

    “So we saw that it is good for us to come in and assist because the situation here is very pathetic. From what I have seen here, the victims are really in dire need of more assistance,” said Director of Revival of Islamic Heritage Society, African Continental Committee, Sheikh Jasem Muhammad Al-ainati.

    The organisation came through Malawi’s Muslim mother body Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) and the director promised to mobilise more funds from many organisations within and outside Kuwait especially from Qatar and UAE when he goes back.

    “This is just a beginning. People here lack many things such as shelter, kitchen utensils, blankets among other things. So we will set up a one year plan of assisting them,” he said.

    The relief items were distributed at Konzere Camp in T/A Ngowe in Chikhwawa district and Awali Village in T/A Mthiramanja in Mulanje district.

    In Mulanje, Sheikh Al-ainati alongside MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad also toured the madrassa block which was taken down by water and a surviving masjid which is on the same premises.




    The water did not destroy the masjid however it was left with major cracks and the chances of surviving another heavy rains or wind are minimal.

    On Monday, the organisation will also visit other victims in Chiradzulu district.

    According to MAM Secretary General, Dr Salmin Omar Idrussi the relief items being distributed include Maize Floor and Sugar are worth 10 million kwacha ($22,000) in total.

    Revival of Islamic Heritage Society is a charitable organisation established in 1981 it works in many countries including Malawi.


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