Let’s give Chakwera, Tonse Government Time


The Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives (CDEDI) and a concerned citizen, Phillip Kamangirah, were in the news this Week giving the Tonse Government and in particular, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera ultimatum of 14 working days to respond to many challenges that have rocked the country.

CDEDI and Kamangirah pointed out the Affordable Input Programme (AIP) where beneficiaries are spending 3 to 4 days at the selling points wanting to access the fertilizers, corruptions going on in AIP selling points and selective justice which has seen members of the opposition DPP being arrested, prosecuted and charged while their colleagues in government are untouchables.

The K12Million State House and Crossroads hotel saga and the implications of three State House officials in fuel tender supply at NOCMA,is haunting many Malawians on what Government is doing and thinking with a belief that the Tonse Government has crooks who are cashing in the name of President Dr. Chakwera and his Vice, Dr. Chilima in order to tarnish their names and the image of Government.

In view of this, CDEDI and Kamangirah in a separate statement and interview on the local radio station asked the Tonse Government to bless itself for more troubles that failure to respond in the ultimatum 14 working days will leave them with no option but to mobilize Malawians to stand up and go to the streets demonstrating for loss of confidence with their government.

The Spear of Truth (Muvi wa Chilungamo) says much as it understand that many Malawians are angry with the Tonse Alliance Government for failing to live up with its campaign promises, holding demonstrations to a government which has been in office for five months, is not good.

Its Commander in Chief, Bantu Saunders Jumah , is calling upon all Malawians of good thinking to keep patience and give the Tonse government time to address all the peoples’ concern other than going to the streets, reminding them that this is there Government, and is ready to respond to all of their concerns.

“We gave Prof. Peter Mutharika time to address the many challenges rocking governance in Malawi and why rushing at mobilizing people to go to the streets demonstrating against their own Government they voted for it with trust and confidence?’’questions Jumah.

Juma is advising Malawians that no human being or president can perform miracles in a country that has been blanketed by corruptions like Malawi for 26 years, saying the DPP which was a thieving government left mess in its six year of governing Malawi and to clear that, cannot take over a night, hence appealing to all Malawians to be the Tonse Alliance drivers so that it does not lost direction.

He then, thanked President Dr. Chakwera for demonstrating servant leadership instructing his ministers to visit AIP selling points across the country saying this is what Malawians want to see that their president is with them in times of trouble, sorrow and happiness other than locking up himself at the State House with keys, expressing optimistic that all of Malawian concerns will be addressed in due course.