Majilis Ulama Blocks Dr Shareef’s Supreme Council from Holding Function at Assalam Complex

    Dr Shareef: In trouble
    Dr Shareef: In trouble

    New Majilis Ulama members have asked Director of Assalam Complex in Mangochi not to allow Supreme Council of Malawi holding a function at the venue, Malawi Muslims Official Website can reveal.

    Supreme Council Chairman Sheikh Dr Imran Shareef wrote a letter to Sheikh Abdullah Muhammad Ballah of Assalam Complex requesting for a venue to conduct a seminar on the impact of Shiaism in Malawi.

    Before granting him permission, the Director first consulted sheikhs within the Complex who said they are aware of the function as some of them had already received invitation letters from Dr Shareef but after meeting, they resolved that they should not attend the function because they do not recognize Supreme Council of Malawi.

    The sheikhs then advised the Director of Assalam complex Sheikh Ballah not to accommodate the function saying it would bring confusion among Muslims in the country.

    One of the sheikhs working at Assalam complex Sheikh Swaleh Chilundu who was in the meeting confirmed the development in an interview.

    Nevertheless, Sheikh Ballah said he has no problem with anyone from holding a function at the complex provided it has an Islamic agenda.

    “I do not have any problem with Dr Shareef or anyone else holding a function here. But with these differences then I think we have to wait until they agree one thing. But is very sad development,” he said.

    When contacted by this website, Majilis Ulama Chairperson Sheikh Mussa Matola said Malawians has one council of Ulama, Majilis Ulama of which he is the leader.

    The Chairman therefore described Dr Shareef as one of the power hungry people who want to be leaders for life.

    “These are the same people who showed interest to contest in Majilis Ulama elections. When they saw that they would not win, they pulled out and now they are reclaiming their legitimacy through backdoor, using a different name like Supreme Council of Ulama which doesn’t exist. Very soon we shall issue a statement because this is very pathetic,” he said.

    However, in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website, Dr Shareef said to him what he knows is that he has asked permission from the authorities of Assalam Complex and once granted they will go ahead with the function regardless of refusal by some few sheikhs.

    Dr Shareef also said that he has already invited Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad, Secretary General of Majilis Ulama Chairman Sheikh Cassim Chongolo and Mufti Abbas Cassim to attend the function and wondered why he should be prevented from holding the event.

    “Which shows that I respect and recognize these people and their organizations they represent. So, what is it that these people are saying that I do not recognize them?”Wondered Shareef.