Malawi 2014 Elections Presidential Aspirants Told to Sign MOU with MAM if They want Muslims Vote


    Ajasie: Chairman of MTD
    Ajasie: Chairman of MTD

    Malawian Muslims have been asked not to go to a polling station on May 20 this year before signing a memorandum of understanding with all major political parties in the country. The call was made on Sunday at Malawi Sun Hotel during the launch of a new organization which has been formed to feel the gap of good governance in the country.

    Delivering his 20 minutes speech,  the Lilongwe Coordinator for the Muslims Task force for democracy Aman Chikopa said that time has come for Muslims to take part in these elections with full knowledge of their expectation rather than just voting ignorantly as this has been the trend in the past.

    The coordinator reminded the gathering that it is the right of every Malawi citizen and Muslims included to vote and be voted for into any office and benefit in the end.

    For this to happen, according to Chikopa “we need to remain united and demand what is right for us by signing a memorandum of understanding with all major political parties in this country.”

    He was referring to the agreement like what PAC has done with all presidential candidates that whoever comes into power Muslims should stand to benefit with their votes.

    In fact, Muslims constitute a very big number in the country, we can make a president, and therefore we should not be taken for a ride as it has been happening in the past, Malawi is for all of us, and hence the cake should be shared equally.

    Chikopa hinted that, the agreement among other things will demand 43 percent of Muslims representation in all key government decision making positions. For example if Malawi needs to open 20 embassy offices outside the country 8 Ambassadors should be Muslims.

    In an interview, on how the demanding document will be implemented, Chairman for MTD Abdul-Rhman Ajasie said “our legal team is currently busy with the modalities on how these demands will be implemented and what measures will be taken if our demands are not met, ask me in two to three weeks to come then I will be in a position to give an answer to that question. We believe that Muslims are well educated where they can equally contribute to the development of this country just like people of other faiths.” 

    Malawi has 28 Districts and Ajasie says MTD needs 12 Muslims out of the total figure,  and the list  extends to many other positions like the OPC , Principal Secretaries, Directors  and their Deputy Directors, Board Chair Persons of different statutory bodies like NICE, MBC, MHRC and many more.


    1. Oh! Muslims living in malawi is this the sunnah of our prophet ‘saw’, did we ever learn from Seera that the prophet urged Muslims in Makkah to join politics or takepart in the leadership of the quraish? Where do we take the authority of supporting manmade ruling system which ignores Allah’s sovereignty on earth? This democracy tells people that Allah’s Laws are; a. Outdated, b. Are not capable to serve people in the 21st century but manmade’s c. That Allah need to be assisted by human mind to formulate laws to govern in this century, d. That Allah’s sphere of influence be restricted only in Mosques or churches.

      This democracy allows people to depict our prophet under freedom of expression, it allows to ridicule the Quran by burning its copies or using it as toilet tissue, it allows women to move naked but ban the hijaab, it bans building of mosques but allows beerhalls to increase, it bans the Adhaan but allows music, it bans the shariah but allows corruption to increase in life or ruling system.

      This democracy allows the rich to oppress the poor under capitalism, subjects muslims to untold persecution all over the world, it allows the wealth of the muslims to be plundered.

      It discourage marriages but promote fornication, aldutery and homosexuals using AID as a tool.

      It places the Quran below the Constitution. The list is endless, So is to this type of kufur system that you are calling muslims to support and pridefully vote for?

      The amazing thing is that we do all what we can to ensure we are eating the halal food till we have Halal department, but opposite when it comes to what type of ruling systems should we support. Instead of establishing groups calling for only HALALI ruling system- The KHILAFAH, as we have Halal Department calling and ensuring that only halal food is consumed by muslims, we establish groups CEMENTING kufur way of life-Democracy. Alas this is blatanat misguidance deeprooted in the Ummah.

      We as ask Allah to gives us proper guidance.

    2. Hie Brother Abdul Hakim
      Brother Abdul Hakim has demonstrated to me that he does not understand about his deen and he must go back to madrassah. Islam is the way of life that inclusive politics. Islam has produced leadership which the world has embraced ad ignored because of its genus to all walks of life. It is the same Islamic leadership which produced early civilization, equality and democracy which the world has never seen before.
      1400 years ago Madinah was the Islamic state and all affairs were conducted by muslim leaders who discharged their duties according to the will of Allah and were very successful.
      Muslims are good leaders if they can practice what they preach nevertheless they are muslims by lips/ name.

    3. I can humbly agree with the organisations agenda as indeed for years we have voted for them but have benefit nothing much. Look and scrutinize the capacity and strength of Ccjp on how it runs the affairs of the government. True to the suggested numbers of ambassadors so that with their free AID we can built our own universities,hospitals and primary schools among others for the betterment of Muslim ummah. These kufars are ahead of us just because of having more ambassadorial seats in different countries. We are lagging behind just because of that. May the most mercifully Allah guide you in this mission to be accomplished.

    4. Its very unfortunate and even more disgusting to see how derailed muslim leaders are becoming today.Do you want to convince the world that muslims are failing to build hospitals, schools and even technical colleges because there are no muslim ambassadors.
      Since doctor Bandas regime, equal platform was given to all denomination. Due to transparency and accountability, our Christian brothers developed their infrastructure tremendously and they are still developing it until today while muslims on the other hand were busy pocketing every single coin that came on their way and they are still practicing this unislamic behaviour until today.
      No wonder even foreigners like Sudanese are busy enslaving innocent young men and women in the name of scholarships, I have never heard in my life of a university providing its students with boilled cucumbers for lunch, yet this is what Malawian students are serving for lunch at an Islamic university in sudan a thing that even a worse Christian cannot do.
      Please lets us be muslims first and stop taking muslims for granted. You are failing to do justice to fellow muslims , do you think you can be good to non muslims. SHAME
      To fellow muslims,we know who we are and where we are.To those voting, lets go for a leader who shall guarantee us the right to worship and practice our deen freely

    5. This is a commendable foresight. It surely is high time deserving Muslims in the country got recognised at a national ‘governmental’ level! We need more of such initiatives. May Allah grant us all courage.

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