Malawi Govt Finally Approves a Kuwait Based Direct Aid to Operate as an International Organisation


direct aid

The signing ceremony of MoU

Malawi government has finally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Direct Aid, a Kuwait-based international charitable organization formerly known as Africa Muslim Agency (AMA).

The signing ceremony took place at Jumeira Messilla Beach Hotel.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ephraim Mganda Chiume signed the MoU on behalf of the Malawi Government. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Muhailan, BoardChairperson of Direct Aid, signed on behalf of his organization.

President Dr Joyce Banda who is also in Kuwait witnessed the colourful signing ceremony.

With this MoU, the Direct Aid is now free to fully operate as an international charitable organisation in Malawi, the thing that will help the Muslim community as well as a country as a whole in seberal development aspects such as agriculture, health, education and other sectors.

Reporting by Abdullah Omar Mdala from Kuwait City


  1. They say “History repeats itself.” Actually it starts like that in Malawi, the State President presents a request to such foreign organisations but end of the day starts arresting the operators and calling them “Al-Qaeedas.” Remember that JB’s so called brother, the Former State President Dr. Bakili Muluzi did request previously the renowned Prince Sultan Special Committee for Relief to operate in Malawi from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Later on in collaboration with his agents Muslim and non Muslim agents hypocritically arrested them under the banner that they were “Al-Qaeeds” operating in Malawi. He did that having benefited from and did’nt want others to benefit from them. Think yourself where you, had it been Prince Sultan is still operating in Malawi till now, where would we have been? The problem with Malawian Muslims is that they are prone to forgetfulness.
    So let’s hope JB doesn’t do what her so called Brother did sometime back, and she must be reminded of that, otherwise it will be a disaster to Malawian Musliims because we’ll not prosper at all.

  2. I believe even Muslim himself has learn a lesson over this, he cannot do it again, brother walla-hi believe me or not Muslims of today are not of yesterday. If Joyce Banda tries to do that also, she will know the true colors of Muslims- The only thing i can us from us is lets support the organization and we remove a jealous motive we have, think we will prosper Insha-Allah.
    At the same time you brothers we are having more local organizations in our country like Mai Aisha Trust, Albaraka Charity Trust these are to mention but a few who are working day and night in making sure that, Muslim community are getting their requirements interns, of education,and health why should we need more for what? if we are not utilizing the existing resources do we need more for what. Sometimes we should not be blaming the organizations but we are also problem people.

  3. The problem is, will Direct Aid exhibit that professionalism that goes with this status. I have a problem with many of these Arab NGOs for their lack of professionalism. They seem to run these international organizations as if they were some small madressas in a little village. Furthermore, many of them do not recognize blacks as equals, for example, they would never appoint a black Malawian to run these organizations, they would rather prefer someone from Sudan or Somalia to be the director. In a situation that where a black person is appointed, they don’t empower them, they work through Indian proxies, especially when it comes to finances.

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