Malawi Muslim Website Team Member In Kuwait For Invest in Africa Symposium



Abdullah Umar (left) at the conference.

One of the Team members of Malawi Muslims Official website Abdullah Omar Mdala is currently in Kuwait where he is attending the Invest in Africa Symposium.

The symposium is taking place in accordance with the African Arab Summit which is also underway where leaders from 75 countries are attending.

Direct Aid , a Kuwait based NGO with support from Kuwait Government has organised the synergistic symposium Invest in Africa taking place today the 18th November 2013 at Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a one day event.

According to Director of Organising committee Ahmad Sh Shehab, “the purpose of organising this summit is to capitalise the potentials of African countries for investment and attract investors and speakers who can share their experiences with Investment in the continent.

Participating underdeveloped African countries are requested to present their investment research papers in the areas of Agriculture, Education, Energy and Health.

Speaking at Chileka Airport before departure, Abdullah said that he was honored to be invited to attend such a high profile conference which will be beneficial not to him as individual but to Malawi nation as the whole.

This is the second time he has been invited to represent the country at a high profile conference like this one in two months time this year alone.

“In September, I was in Turkey where I presented a paper on Foundations at a World Foundations Conference which was held in Istanbul on 23-24 September 2013 and hosted by Directorate General for Foundations.

“Therefore going to Kuwait where more than 25 African Heads of State are invited including HE Dr Joyce Banda , I am so proud, and I feel Honoured,” he said.

Abdullah Umar works at Malawi Muslims Official Website as a reporter as well as shariah adviser.


  1. The Malawi Muslims Official Website deserve to be cheered for their recognition of their personnel. In fact the institution has taken the right person whom we call a no nonsense man when things start going behind the back of Shariah. Not only that but Abdullah Omar Issah Mdala is a balanced knowledgeable scholar among our current generation which Islam and the Malawi Muslims are proud of. Therefore lets hope a positive feedback from there through him as it has been the case in previous foreign trips from insha-Allah.

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