Malawi Muslims Support ‘ill-treated’ Chinese Muslim Minority


    Several Malawians have joined the international community in support of a minority Muslim community called Uyghur that is being ‘ill-treated’ by Chinese Government.

    Malawi Muslims on social media are spreading a harsh tag #WeStandForUyghur to show their dissatisfaction over the inhumane treatment that this Muslim group is facing in this Asian country.

    “It is painful to see our Muslim brothers and sisters being ill-treated in China. We are very concerned and that is why we have taken it to social media to express our voice,” Said a Malawian Muslim ,Shukran Juma.

    Another Malawian said, it is worrisome to see how Children are being separated from their parents in the so called camps.

    “I was watching some documentaries on YouTube about this Muslim minority group. The way Chinese Government is separating the Children from their parents is total inhumane,” Said Asiyatu Lapukeni.

    The Uyghur community in Xinjiang , northwest China, has faced an unprecedent crackdown in recent years, with at least one million mostly Muslim ethnic minorities held in internment camps that authorities downplay as ” Vocational Educational Centres.”

    Recently, Arsenal football star Mesut Ozil shared his heartfelt prayer for the group expressing his outrage at the lack of action from Muslim countries and their Media.

    United States Secretary of State ,Mike Pompeo backed Ozil’s tweet saying this Chinese Muslim minority should also be enjoying all the human rights.