Malawian Muslims Calls for Unity, to Set up Task Force

Photo Courtesy: Muslim Unite Facebook Page

Some Muslims in Malawi have expressed concern over the gab that is between Malawian and Asian Muslims and have proposed idea to set up a task force in order to seal that gap, Malawi Muslim Official Website can reveal.

In a two days discussion at Malawi Muslim Official Forum, two Malawian grown up brothers said despite Islam tells us that ‘Muslim’s friend is a Muslim,’ still there have been large gab between the poor and rich, as well as between the Asian and Black Muslims.

“Having grown up in Malawi and now living overseas I still see the gap you are talking about and it does not seem to be changing. I think we, as Muslims need to really take a good look at ourselves and see what it is we are really doing. Malawi was once a highly populated Muslim country [but] that has changed drastically and continues to do so until we do the right thing. A good way would be to create a taskforce for Muslim brothers/sisters from each community and draft out an agenda/plan in order to see what can be done. I would be more than willing to take part in any proposal put forward,” said brother Gareeb Osman, currently living in England.

Brother Yusuf Qabul who is currently living in Zambia also said he is not happy with some Muslims who have ‘become selfish and unkind, unsmiling and unaccommodating,’ hence, seconded brother Osman’s idea.

“The problem is that the whole world is becoming materialistic and there seems to be no end to the greed by anyone. We are putting the comfort of this world before the comfort of the Akhira unfortunately. In this lust we have become selfish and unkind, unsmiling and unaccommodating again unfortunately.
“Obviously the government distorted census does give us wrong statistics of the population distribution so it discourages us. BUT the truth is Islam is everywhere Alhamdolillah and spreading fast like fire. The only thing now we need to do is how Allah can utilise us to make qualitative changes to the Ummah rather than quantity.
Your suggestion about setting up a task force is good and cannot come sooner so let us do it! InshaAllah.”

However, there is no any actual date for the task force to be created but brother Osman  said it would be easy if brothers and sisters from each community can get together and discuss how the operation will be carried out.

“I am based in UK but will be moving back to Malawi at some point next year.  I am not sure how we can come about setting up a task force but I guess there are two of us so that is a start! If we look at Malawi for example, there are types of Muslim according to race are; Black Muslim, Asian Muslim, mixed race (coloured) Muslim [and] other Muslims.

“I think that if we get a brother and sister from each community, we can start discussions of where we are, where we want to be and how we are going to do it. I can get someone from the mixed race community,” he said.


  1. Thank you very much for this important article. Am currently living out of Malawi and have lived in South Africa before. the situation is the same and sometimes I really get frustrated because whenever I go to a new place and I get to a mosque,race takes precedence than our faith despite the saying of the prophet (saw)"A Muslim is a brother of another Muslim."

    This move to form a task force is very much welcome and would like to be part and parcel of this group though at the moment am outside our country and hope this initiative will be welcomed in other countries where Muslims are facing the same challenge. InshaAllah, I will sell this idea to our Muslim ummah where I am.

      • The task force of this kind to seal this gap is a failure due to these reasons:We are muslims by lips not practical and we are not following the Qura'an and sunnah.Our Pprophet (S.A.W)told us 1400 years ago that there no superiority the races and nations except piety. The Holy Says:"I have created you from male and female and put you into tribes and nations inorder to know one another.

        I suggest the first thing to do before forming the task force is reformation of ourselves to be practical muslims not muslims by name.

  2. This is a welcome move.You know that in unity is strenth.Take example if a stick can try to be bent it is easy where as a bunch of sticks is treated alike,it is not easily done.Like wise individual muslim can be conqured easily unlike two or more people hold together.The task force should emerge and has to be more focused.May Allah reward the initiater of this good idea inshaallah.

  3. Salaam Alaykum

    This is indeed good idea for Muslims to unite, but the only problem we faces we Muslims here in Malawi in particular is we just put things on the paper but for them to be implemented its a problem. I can remember this issue was discussed ealier at one of the ITP in Lilongwe some three years ago but up to now nothing was put on the ground. We are good on making proposals but when it comes into practice its a problem. lets on this issue only try to implement it Insha-Allah. May Allah accept our Duas

  4. its agood idea but there is a problem even amongest ourselves we the blacks.Those who have i mean the blacks are gready. they grab even the donation for poorThey gat but they dont give.TO MINIMISE THE GAP, START FROM THE BASE I MEAN AMONGEST OURSELVES by loving each other and others wanna love us all

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