Malawian Muslims celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , Appeals for Public Holiday

    Photo by: Mussah Mtengula

    Thousands of Muslims in Malawi attended the Ziyara Parade organised by the Attariqatul Qadriya Sunni Association of Malawi (AQSA) in Blantyre on Wednesday.

    The parade which started from Kanjedza Mosque in Limbe was graced by among other prominent figures including the state president Dr Bingu wa Mutharika and first lady madam Calista.

    Mutharika paraded until the Roundabout close to Sacha’s near Yiannakis. This is the first time that the state president has graced an Islamic occasion since some years ago. Mutharika last attended an annual Islamic gathering IJTIMA which was held in Namwera Mangochi.

    Speaking at the function, coordinator for the Blantyre event, Shaffique Giga said the commemoration helps to bring together Muslims and act as a show of solidarity. Giga said this year’s event has recorded a massive attendance ever since time immemorial.

    He has meanwhile said they intend to ask government to make 12th Rabbiul Awwal a public holiday to enable more Muslims attend such important event.

    Similar parades also took place in the cities of  Mzuzu and Lilongwe as well as some other districts. The parade, which aimed at commemorating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), is one of the biggest crowds pullers the Muslim community has ever seen apart from the annual conferences.

    In Limbe, Blantyre the parade, ended at Mpingwe sports Club. Muslims from Mulanje, Thyolo, Chiradzulu, and other surrounding areas were then greeted to lecturers and Ziyara recitals.

    However, some sections have voiced out concerns that such celebrations are not allowed. According to Muslim scholars, the Prophet (SAW) never celebrated his birthday nor did he encourage his followers to celebrate birthdays.

    However, the celebration is still a hot topic of debate among the Asian Sunni Community and others scholars over its permissibility.


    1. Honestly speaking I don't know what to say, maybe because of confusion or ignorance, but I actually think, this parade of yesterday is EXACTLY WHAT SHOULD BE DONE ON EIDUL-FITR INSTEAD.

      This is just my opinion, because my little Islamic knowledge tells me that we only have two celebrations in Islam, i.e. Eidul-Adha and Eidul-Fitr. May I beg AQSA to also arrange the same parading for Eidul-Fitr pleasee. I think it would be great. I hope my request will be considered inshaAllah.

    2. I think the occasion serves to show the Muslims might and their solidarity and not necessarily its spirituality. Just like Christmas, the significance of Meelad lies in following the life and sunnah of the Prophet of Allah. Allah knows best.

    3. There are some other things (innovations)so to say that have a positive impact to the society.When the sheikhs want to talk of innovations they even say that some innovations are acceptable like, paying sheikhs,paying imams,use of microphones and speakers etc.All these are innovations but its a question of do they have any negative impact in shariah. Likewise,people have heard about islamic affairs at Mpingwe yesterday,they have shared goods yesterday some are able to figure out number of muslim gathering shouting loud the name of prophet Muhammad (saw).May God make it easy for us.

    4. I definetely conqure with sister Ida on what she has said, by the way do they cerebrate the birth or the death of the prophet? because the little knowledge i have says the day when he was born was the same when he died is itn? Any way apart from this its a waste of resources- from the reliable sources says this functins has taken K10.5millions, of which it was enough for some developments in this country as far as Islam is concerned. May Allah guide them and at least we must see some change next year Insha-Allah

      • By the way… it wrong to celebrate the birthday of our prophet? If we deny to celebrate his birthday, then we give a chance to our friends of other denominations who says " if you dont celebrate your prophet's birthday, then it means he has no anything special and you are ungrateful" my friend told me this yesterday when he was asking me why i reported for duties instead of attending the event. To me, i dont see anything wrong provided there is no any haraam things attached to it.

        • There you are. Even myself, i answered them that it is not mandatory.Finish of story.This is because if we say a lot might end up confusing non muslims.

    5. Can the Sheikhs come out and let us know the real truth about this celebrations.Are they valids or invalids?pliz SHEIKHS COME OUT.

    6. This meelad thing confuses many people and not only christians, but even us muslims. it started small but its gaining popularity nowadays. if you compare the same celebrations with last years function, you will certainly agree with me that "zinthu zotengelazi panopa zikukhazikika mchisilamu" I was watching ITV and Press TV yesterday, no such celebration was held in our feloow muslim countries. What should be done actually????? Please sheikhs advise us on this

    7. Islam is very clear. There is no such a thing as "celebration of the prophet". This is just a "copy and paste" thing. We have copied it from christians. Remember that there is a hadeeth wherein the prophet commanded us to be different from the non-muslims. If there is something wrong in Islam then its an obligation of everybody who is capable to warn against that (but with wisdom). Its very wrong to bring "common sense" on some islamic rulings when the commands are very crystal clear. There is wisdom behind all prohibitions.

      A lot of renown Islamic scholars have denounced this "maulid"

      Among those who denounced the celebration of this occasion was Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah, in Iqtidaa’ al-Siraat al-Mustaqeem; Imaam al-Shaatibi in al-‘I’tisaam; Ibn al- Haaj in al-Madkhil; Shaykh Taaj al-Deen ‘Ali ibn ‘Umar al-Lakhami who wrote an entire book denouncing it; Shaykh Muhammad Basheer al-Sahsawaani al-Hindi in his book Siyaanah al-Insaan; al-Sayyid Muhammad Rasheed Ridaa wrote a separate essay on this topic; Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ibraaheem Aal al-Shaykh wrote a separate essay on it; Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azeez ibn Baaz.

      Those who dont know much on this topic then i will be glad to send them the whole detailed fatwa (ruling).

      Note: i am not a sheikh

    8. The problem with some innovations is that as time passes,some people might come and make it an obligation when in reality it never existed.remember the occassion the prophet refused to offer a prayer in the church where he went to sign a treaty.the reason he gave was that some people might come and misinterprete that Muslims can pray in the church and start fighting for them.he forsaw people are giving this mauleed more prominency than the two (Eid) festivals that our prophet gave us and commanded us to celebrate.cant we see that our innovations are overshadowing the prophet's sunna? And yet the Prophet said we should practise Islam the way we saw him pratice it.

      May Allah guide us and protect us from invertions that might mislead the Muslim ummah.ameen.

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