Malawian Muslims For Voterapathy if Government Continues Sidelining Them

Nkata: We want to be considered

Muslims in the country have warned government that they will take action if it continues sidelining the Muslim community in the lion’s share. These remarks were made by a number of speakers who were led by its chair person Mr Dave Lally at a mass fast  breaking at Iqra Islamic propagation Centre formerly  known as Apolo Building in Blantyre.

The event was organized by a group known as Islamic Concern. Islamic Concern is an organ of the Muslim Association of Malawi whose role is to provide checks and balances for Muslims in the country. Its genesis dates back to a couple of years ago.

Presenting his key note address Hassan Nkata posed questions on why government has not considered Muslims in a number of strategic positions like the District Commissioners , Malawi electoral commission , Principal secretaries , Directors and heads of different government parastatals, The Malawi human rights commission just to mention a few.

“Yes, although I stand to be corrected, let me comment on two issues, one being the District commissioners, according to my research out of all the 28 districts we have in Malawi, there is only one Muslim District Commissioner Mr Twabi in Neno. We pay tax and take part in different developmental activities but still being considered as second class citizens. So, if this trend continues we will not be taking part in any elections – which is a key to development.

“Secondly,  the most recent appointment which the head of state has made  is the Human rights Commissioners in which no single Muslim has been included so the question is what qualifications do Muslims in  the country lack?” he lamented amid loud of applause from the audience.

Most speakers agreed that it is not fair that Muslims continue paying tax which pays the salaries/ allowances of bishops and reverends serving in different key positions while they are not benefiting anything out of that.

“We are tired and if this continues we are going to take an action complained,” Osman one of the participant

On the same point, another speaker Dr Imran Shareef who is also the Chair Person of the Trustees for Islamic Concern concurred with Nkata and further argued that  Muslims should unite first if they are to win this battle .

“I am sure  everybody knows that the first democratically elected President in this Country was  a Muslim who is present here , and with this, there is no way any one can claim that Muslims are not able and are not educated, we only need to organize ourselves put our differences aside and walk with one voice. Our people do not know how local government works, how then are we going to actively participate in the National Development of this country?  It is  thorough this unity that we can mobilize them and teach them how we can develop this country. He concluded.

Reacting to the keynote address Minister of Energy and Mining Dr Cassim Chilumpha a staunch Muslim who has been attending the past three functions thanked the organizers and appealed for Unity.

“Muslims should unite and work to benefit themselves and the country at large,” he said.

On his turn, the former President Dr Bakili Muluzi welcomed the idea of unity among Muslims for the common good but also cautioned the gathering of hastening to blame the government before equipping themselves with necessary qualifications.

“I urge you especially the youth that you should have knowledge, go to school in the morning and Madrassa in the afternoon so that you become professionals and participate well in the development of this country,” commented the former president who was crowned a Muft of Politics in Malawi at the function.

Among other things Muluzi also asked the gathering to come up with resolutions which will then be presented to Her Excellency the State President Mrs  Joyce Banda for action. The Function attracted Muslims from all over the country.


  1. we muslim we deceive, becoz all islamic organizations r there for there families not muslim. if u doubt this ask MAM what assistance hv they provided scholars in untill now they r crying. if the presdent becomes will be a muslim things will be there . bec conona cichoka kudzira.

    very happy here this even worse

  2. I agree with Dr Imran and former President Bakili Muluzi on their presentation.Firstly, muslim youths should acquire both religious and circular education.This education will enable them understand issues be it political,economical or religious better.In Islam, acquiring knowledge is a must for both men and women.because without knowledge even worshiping Allah becomes questionable because the person will be doing things blindly.When we look at Our Prophet Muhammad (SAW), he spent almost 10 years in Makkah just learning (being taught by Allah through Angel Gabriel) before he was given the swalaat. After acquiring enough education,we then need to unite as muslims.We build a strong muslim community.Together we stand and divided we fall.After we have accomplished putting our house in order we can then demand positions in the system so that we can participate in the development of our country. Knowing so well that we have managed to build and maintain our own house (Muslim Community). That I believe is the way to go. Otherwise, it might just be an individual achievement if we opt to push for this agenda now. when we cannot even speak with one voice as Muslim community in Malawi.

  3. Dr. Bakili Muluzi has a point. However, I doubt if we Muslims would ever succeed in our aspirations if we continue operating the way we do currently. It is my confirmed view that some Muslim Leaders work to satisfy their personal egos and not for the interest of the entire Muslims in Malawi. Just as Muluzi said, I would also suggest that for us Muslims to excel we have to first of all be educated in order for us to obtain these higher positions. Secondly, Muslims should work to elevate those who are already working in the Government systems in order for us to have a fare representation in the government. I have in mind that we have some Muslims in Malawi who are second in command to District Commissioner, however, I wonder if any Muslim leader ever suggested to recommend these creams to the government. What I always hear is the same story that the so called Muslim leaders presented their names or the names of their relatives to the President for them to be considered for higher positions. How do you expect Muslims to excel under these biased and unfavourable conditions

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