Malawi’s Muslim Body Calls for Death Penalty for Homosexuals

    Dr Salmin Omar
    Dr Salmin Omar

    As the debate on whether to decriminalize homosexuality in Malawi or not rages on, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has suggested the need to revise the penalty of those found guilty of homosexuality to be condemned to death.

    This suggestion comes at a time as some Civil Society Organisations (CSO) are pushing for the country to abolish the statute that penalise the act. Currently the maximum jail term sentence for those found guilty by the courts is 14 years.

    MAM Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar Idrussi in an interview  said that ‘‘ though Malawi is regarded as a secular state but the country is blessed with God fearing citizens who can’t afford to deviate from God’s commandments for the sake of pleasing others who practice  the act.’’

    ‘‘Even animals like goats don’t do this, what more with Human beings like us who were blessed with wisdom by the Almighty God? The offenders need to be handed death penalty as a way of making sure that the issue is curbed.

    Apparently some religious groupings are calling for the government to call for a referendum for Malawians to make a choice on the matter.

    Sheikh  Idrussi said that much as his organisation is supporting the appeal of holding the referendum, but citizens should be asked whether to increase the penalty or not since  the law is already there which is in line with the citizenry’s religious ideology.

    ‘‘The majority obviously is against legalising this sinful act. Therefore it will be necessary for People to be asked whether they are happy with the current law which attracts a maximum penalty of a 14 year jail term.

    Meanwhile Malawi’s Supreme Court of Appeal has granted Government a stay order stopping proceedings in which the High Court in the city of Blantyre was set to commence reviewing convictions of three men involved in homosexuality.

    High court Judge Dustain Mwaungulu on January 20 this year threw out an application the Attorney General AG filed to halt the proceedings on the basis that the applicants did not get certification of the matter from the Chief Justice.

    The presiding Judge argued it was not a mandatory and went on to set March 17, 2014 as a date for a panel of Judges to start hearing the case.

    The three men convicted in 2011 by a Magistrate’s court in Blantyre are Amon Champyunu, Mathews Bello and Mussa Chiwisi .All are serving long jail term ranging from 10 to 14 years.

    Gay activists want the court to declare the laws criminalising homosexuality unconstitutional.


    1. Absolutely vile and disgusting! How can ANYONE justify killing perfectly innocent normal members of society? Absolutely ridiculous and stupid decision. Maybe we should bring the death penalty for Muslims in the UK?… See how that idea is equally as stupid as wanting to kill LGBT people?

    2. Ah, the “religion of peace”. Lets see, if everything described in Holy Texts was adhered to, rape would be legal, child abuse would be legal, slavery would be supported, these men would not be wearing suits, they would not be using computers… Funny how it’s only the things that elevate the religious nutters above others and create a sense of superiority that they actually want to enforce, they seem real eager to ignore all the other dictates in their books when it’s too inconvenient and there’s no direct benefit of power! Religion is a scourge on Humanity and it should be rejected. No government on this Earth should be paying any attention. Revolution is coming thanks to the internet and education, one day reality and science will put an end to this religious insanity once and for all. I cannot wait until Muslims, Catholics and Christians are no more powerful than Scientologists.

    3. For accounts of homosexuality in goats, see Bagemihl, Bruce (1999). Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. St. Martin’s Press ISBN 0-312-19239-8.
      It puzzles me that religious people don’t feel to check that they are telling the truth when they speak. Homosexuality has been studied in some 500 animal species. In the days of the internet, it is so easy to track down scholarly articles on such matters.

    4. Dr Salmin Omar:

      Doctor? how is it possible that he is a doctor of anything?? How can an educated person be so backwards?

    5. So, if goats are homosexuals, does it mean it’s ok with human beings? Aaaaag, Those who support this stinky act are realy d*** eaters! U atheist, lucky u gave birth to urself, keep on eating d***! Malawians are Godly people. Go and live somewhere where theres no God, and practice ur filthy act! According to u God made a big mistake by creating Adam and Eve. Brainless little creatures!!!

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