Malawi’s Nasheed Star Katawala Launches DVD Album


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Barely four years after stepping onto the local nasheeds (Islamic songs) scene with a hit single called Mwana wamasiye (An orphan Child), Malawi’s talented Muslim artist Ishmael Katawala will never look back following the recent launch of his debut DVD album at Malawi College of Health Sciences in the commercial city of Blantyre on Sunday.

Despite having suffered from severe piracy, the Blantyre-based Muslim artist did not want his talent to die and has released a highly entertaining 13-track visual album.

The DVD was produced and directed by Hashim Mtelera and Imran Longwe of Shim Production and has been in high demand in the country.

It features songs from his latest albums – Mwana wamasiye, Nsilamu, Imaan Yanga and some bonus tracks.

Janna, Mundikhululukile, Zonsezi ndi Allah and Spread of Islam make up the highly entertaining yet spiritual uplifting album.

The talented star is planning to take his nasheeds across the country mostly Lilongwe where his nasheeds also command a great following.

At the function katawala pleaded with the people to buy his original copy to support him.

“People should buy my original DVD that have Cosoma stickers on it. This will motivate me to continue with my talent of spreading the words of Allah through nasheeds,”he said.

Katawala further said that he will identify people in other areas to help him sell the DVD.

“There will be authorized distributors that will have my Identity cards to be selling the DVD in different areas,” he said.

Speaking at the function, his Director Hashim Mtelera said that those that will buy the original will have a guarantee.

“There will be a one month guarantee to those who will buy the original. If they find a problem within one month will be given another copy to replace the other one,” said mtelera.

It is undsiputed fact that indeed Katawala’s nasheeds not only entertain many Muslims but they are informative and educative.

This can be seen by a number of diginitaries who were present at the launch and those who bought the copy at a higher price in order to support the artist.

Former Minister of Transport Honourable Sidiq Mia who was represented by Omar Sahib Ndeketa as a Guest of Honour bought the first copy at MK250,000 while Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad supported the artist by buying the MK2,000 copy at MK100,000.

Other people also were buying the DVD at MK50,000 with lowest being MK20,000.

Other people that also attended the launch include, Ali Kaka, Ali twanje, MAM district Chaiman Aman Omar just to mention but a few.

Speaking on behalf of Sidiq Mia Ndeketa said that they are willing to support Muslim Youth in the country.

“At Mia Foundation it is our duty to support the Muslim youth who are doing great things for Islam in order to motivate them. There are Islamic channels in UK and Middle East that promote Islamic culture.

“There are artists like Zain Bhika, Ahmed Bukhatri who are doing great in the Muslim world. There are massages in songs, so let’s give ours support also so that they become like the Zains and Ahmeds,” said Ndeketa.

Reporting by Hassan Bhoma Phiri at Malawi College of Health Sciences. Marshall Dyton in Blantyre also contributed to this report.


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