Malawi’s Upcoming Muslim Artist Muhammad Chilimba Launches DVD Album

Chilimba: Ready for the launch

A local Muslim artist Muhammad Chilimba will serenade his fans in Blantyre as he launches his DVD album entitled Imfai Ndi Ulaliki next week.

The album will be launched on Sunday December 16 at Al-Barakah Charity Trust’s state-of- the-art Kameza Hall in Blantyre.

Tickets are sold at K250 per head.

The 12-track DVD album is comprised of popular nasheeds like Kachiwalo, Katangale, Kunjaku kwacha, Mwasankha chani, and other new releases that have made the an upcoming artist a household name in the nasheed genre of music.

The launch will be graced by other artists such as Ahmad Pillow, Salim MP3 Kumpita, Grant Norman and Yahya Iryasah.

 Below is a sample of one Nasheed Mwasnkha Chani kodi? which is found in the DVD.

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