MAM asks Muslims to take care of Infrastructures


    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has asked Muslims in the country to take the responsibility of taking care of infrastructures without waiting for donors.

    MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad made the appeal during the official opening of the newly constructed mosque in Lirangwe, Blantyre district.

    Sheikh Muhammad said his organization is trying very hard to make sure that there is an improvement over the infrastructure challenges Muslims are facing in the country therefore there is need for proper management on the already existing ones.

    “I know that Muslims in the country are facing a lot of challenges but my organization is doing everything possible to make sure that I have reduced these challenges and in so doing we are going to attract more people to return to Islamic religion,” he said.

    He also said he is trying to convince the donor aid from outside the country in order to construct more mosques and other Islamic facilities.

    “Since I took over the power as the chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi, I have been struggling to approach and convince the donor partners to support different projects and programs initiated by MAM in the country,” said the chairman.

    The Chairman further said he is now pleased to tell Muslims in the country the country that many organizations have already shown interest in supporting Islam in the country by introducing different projects.

    “Let me assure that apart from the donors who have supported in construction of this Mosque, many doors have been opened for other donors who want to support Muslim communities in the country and some of them are already in the country to establish their devepmental projects,” said the chairman.

    He also said through the donor aid MAM has managed to construct ten mosques, six boreholes, classroom blocks and assisting the needy throughout the country.

    “With the aid our donors, we have managed to construct mosques, and assisting the needy by giving them assorted items, what I can ask them is to take a great responsibility and ownership over these facilities so that these donors should continue assisting Malawians,” he humbly asked.

    The Executive Director for World Assembly Muslim Youth (WAMY) Sheikh Salimu Banda who was also the Guest of Honor at the ceremony advised the Muslims to establish the good relationships with others in order to find the solutions of the challenges they face.

    Sheikh Banda commended MAM for the good job it is doing in improving the state of Islamic religion and the steps the organization is taking in approaching and convincing the donors to support different projects in the.

    He also concurred with the MAM’s chairman remarks by the community members of Lirangwe to look after the new masjid and also asked the country as a whole to be good guards of every facility brought into their area.