MAM Asks Muslims to Vote Wisely in the Upcoming General Elections


    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has asked Muslims in the country to vote wisely in the 2019 general elections.

    Speaking during the Eid prayers in Mangochi on Friday, MAM spokesperson Sheikh Dinala Chabulika advised Muslims not to be attracted by the handouts that other politicians are giving – but consider voting those who will develop the country.

    “MAM can’t dictate you on who to vote or what party you should support come 2019. Every Muslim has a right to vote his or her preferred candidate without looking at any religious background. However, MAM asks you to vote for those who will bring development in the country — something that will assist our children in future. Handouts won’t help you anything,” he said.

    Chabulika also bemoened the tendency of other Muslim politicians who are failing to separate politics and religion. He said people should be able to differenciate between an Islamic gathering and a religious gathering.

    He added: “Some politicians are taking advantage of poverty which is rampant among the Muslims in the country by dragging our mothers and sisters to the political ralies, making them sing and dance in exchange of handouts. Every Islamic gathering is turned into a campaign ground, which is not acceptable.”