MAM assists over 500 households with food relief iitems in Thyolo


    It started as a mare incident in assisting the January 2015 flood victims with the food relief items across the country.

    It also promised the nation that it will do whatever possible to save the lives of people starving with hunger but only few people could believe it.


    Aleinati and Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad during the symbolic presentation in Thyolo

    Gradually it’s becoming the reality since the organization; Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) is tirelessly continuing distributing the relief food items as it has done it again at Goliati in the area of Mwene Wama Mwene Ngolongoliwa the home village of the current President Peter Mutharika.

    With the donation from Kuwait under the assessment of the donor representative who was among the delegates Sheikh Jassim Muhammad Aleinati who is also the Chairman for the African Continent Committee of Revival Heritage Society said this is the launch of second phase for their relief program in the country as they promised to assist until December this year.


    Aleinati: This is just the launch for our second phase

    “This is not my first time to be in Malawi and it is my pleasure to be here again to witness this relief item distributions, as Kuwait, we promised that we will keep on helping hunger stricken people in this country until everyone will be food secured,” said Sheikh Aleinati.

    The donor representative also commended the good relationship which exists between the countries; Malawi and Kuwait.

    “This relationship should continue so that we can fulfill our vision in this country and I should also take this chance to appreciate the president of this country Peter Mutharika for giving us the chance to assist people who are starving with hunger and doing other development works.”

    He said his organization will tirelessly continue this charitable works in the country and people should continue supporting the current MAM leadership since it is the one which opened the doors.

    Speaking on the event MAM National Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah said people should expect more from MAM since it will continue knocking the doors for more donors to come and work with his administration to end hunger crisis and establishing other developments in complimenting with the government ‘plans.


    Ngolongoliwa: This is the good gesture in my area

    Mwene Wama Mwene Ngolongoliwa appreciated MAM for its initiative of making the relationship with the foreign donors and commended it for the relief items which he described it as the timely arranged since many households have no food in his area.

    “MAM is doing a very recommendable job despite being the faith based organization but it is not considering that when it wants to help, I can tell you that most of the beneficiaries who are here are not the Muslims but they will survive because of this organization and its my humble request to them to continue since there is a lot of hunger stricken households here in Thyolo,” said Ngolongoliwa.

    However, Mwene Wama Mwene Ngolongoliwa asked MAM to assist his area with other developments like health centers and schools since the district has high number people.