MAM Closes Zomba Islamic High School

Dr Salmin Omar: Confirmed the closure

Following the damaging of properties by students at Zomba Islamic High School, the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has closed the school indefinitely. The closure follows a scuffle that ensued at the school on Friday as a way of the students compelling the administration to stop giving them ‘bad food’.

The decision comes on the sidelines of a meeting between MAM’s Secretary General, Dr Salmin Omar Idrussi and senior staff members led by the Principal of the School, Jafar Wyson.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website, Dr Idrussi confirmed the closure of the school but could not give more information referring the website to Education Coordinator for the association Sheikh Raad Kangomba.

However, efforts to contact the coordinator proved futile, as he could not be reached on his mobile phone.

Reports are rife that officials would like to solve the problems that led to damage of school’s property, teacher’s houses as well as offices.

Meanwhile, Zomba MAM district chairperson Bro. Konda has expressed concern over the students’ act that has led to the indefinite closure of the school.

“It is really a very sad and worrisome development considering the fact that the institution is struggling much and they are destroying the little we have,” he bemoaned.

The closure comes a few days after another Islamic Institution, Mama Khadija Girls Private Academy was closed on the similar problem.

Meanwhile, the Academy administration has transferred its Administrator, Matron and Boarding Mistress to Assalaam Complex, Madaris Mangochi and Madaris Balaka respectively.

Reporting by Patrick Hamza Mpumira in Zomba. Marshall Dyton in Blantyre also contributed to this report.


  1. If u close the xul, what about the studies of students, can't u solve the problem while the students are learning? should we say you dont know that some students wil be writing JCE and MSCE respectively, with much respectiful to MAM let me say "' this adding a volume to an already louded radio'' in other words this is'' adding a problem instead of solving a problem.''

  2. Subhananlah – Sad news!!!!!

    Time wasted will never be gained again.

    It’s the innocent students and their parents/guardians who lose a lot.

    What happened to our Islamic Ahalak?

    What message are we Muslims giving out?

    Things are changing, and if we don’t change. The change will force us to change.!!!!!


    This article
    indicates that the closure of the school is done to pave way for the
    organisation to solve the problems which are at the school which are claimed to
    be the cause of the student’s rioting.

    If MAM is
    not careful, there is a possibility for the right solutions to be attached to wrong
    problems which may not put things to rest but worsen the situation-to be
    reflected in different ways. This is because that struggle is a result of
    strategies used by the conflicting parties and once one party discovers that
    the strategy has yielded a success, the same will continue at the expense of
    the organization’s development.

    It is
    therefore important to avoid projection-which involves assigning own feeling
    and impulses to another person and seeing others in negative terms by
    projecting your own characteristics on them. It is also important to analyze
    the behaviour that caused the conflict and the root cause of the conflict. This
    may not be an easy thing; as such an independent inquiry has to be instituted
    including involving the parents of the students because I am sure the truth has
    been revealed at home.

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