MAM condemns killing of people with Albinism


    The Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) joins the rest of the people in condemning the immoral and despicable outrage of murdering people of albinism. The association, describe the behavior as horrendous and the act as Satanic, since human blood is sacred.

    Amid escalation of killings with the albino people the State president of the Republic of Malawi Professor Peter Mutharika asked religious leaders to step in and help stop the killing of people with albinism in the country.

    MAM acting Secretary General Al-Haj Twaibu Lawe told Malawi Muslims Official Website that the development is barbaric and uncalled for not fit in the 21st century and pleaded with the perpetrators to treat the Albino people with all dignity.

    “Albinos are being abducted and killed for ritual purposes but it’s a very bad development because this is a symbol of moral decay and lack of love for one another,” Lawe said. “According to Islam there is no man by nature who is a property of another man to the extent that you have the liberty to kill him or her.


    Lawe: this can only stop if a multi-faceted approach is adopted

    He said MAM believes this can only stop if a multi-faceted approach is adopted and all the stakeholders have to collaborate in efforts to end this problem once and for all. He said Police prosecutors and investigators have to be properly trained so that they conduct thorough investigations and prosecute cases with utmost thoroughness.

    “This issue can be solved if the strategic approach is adopted because we can deal somebody who was found in possession with the bones but there is someone behind him and if we leave that one free that means we haven’t solved the problem but lets deal with the whole chain,” he asked.

    Lawe also agreed with the step taken to barn the practice and service of traditional medicine since they are the source of this sad development.

    Lawe said that this belief is surrounded by “superstition, foolishness and ignorance”.

    Lawe also asked the courts to give stiffer punishments to anyone found guilty for these offences to deter others with the same mentality.

    There is also need to conduct thorough research to fully understand the menace, with a view of creating sensitization campaign to the communities so as to treat albinos with the dignity they deserve.

    “Let us spread the message on the evils of killing people with albinism as the HIV/AIDS message was spread and we also ask Muslim scholars in different Mosques not to forget preaching about this issue because they are the one who line close with their community member,” he concluded.

    Everyday news headlines are that people with albinism have been kidnapped, killed, their dead bodies exhumed and their graves tampered with and currently Malawi police have recorded 75 attacks, abductions and murders of people with albinism since early 2015.