MAM Hands over School Blocks at Chowe Primary


    IqraBismiRabbikaAlladhKhalaq” (Read! In the name of your Lord who has created all that exist). – SurahAl’Alaq96:1

    This verse from the Holy Qur’an indicates that education is not a choice but it is a must in Islam.

    As one way of ensuring that education is accessible to everyone, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has taken a new twist by constructing two school blocks comprising of six classrooms at Chowe primary school in Mangochi.

    Speaking during the official handover ceremony of the school blocks to the government officials, MAM National Chairman Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad said education has a multidimensional impact to the communities, and it is widely recognized as one of the building blocks for sustainable development, and also an instrument in promoting equal opportunities and higher income levels amongst the entire population.


    Sheikh Muhammad: I want to work hand in hand with the government

    Sheikh Muhammad said his administration will continue to support education in Malawi knowing that better education is an indispensible tool for economic development.

    “I believe that education inclined for success in the modern world must only be with adequate resources and an enabling environment, but must also be outward looking towards the development of our own communities,” he said.

    He also took the opportunity to announce that in their next phase at the same school, one more classroom block will be constructed including the headmaster’s office.

    “But let me ask people in Mangochi to take care of this infrastructure and the blocks should not be used as a community centre or a brothel either.”

    He asked Muslims in the country to be patient and continue supporting him to achieve his vision he had the time when he was taking the responsibility as a Muslim leader of this countrysaying he will continue constructing many school blocks across the country.

    Speaking on behalf of government Mangochi District Education Manager (DEM) Sam Kalanda said the school, which was introduced in 1956 had only six crass rooms against 1615 pupils which were making 14 streams.


    DEM:This is a great gift from MAM

    Kalanda said the blocks will help the school produce good results as all pupils will have their class rooms.

    “I would like in a special way to thank the chairman of Muslim Association of Malawi Sheikh Muhammad for the bold decision he made to fund this project at a time when nobody was showing interest to take the responsibility on it. This will really motivate other children to enroll at this school because of these beautiful class rooms and we are sure this school will be producing better results,”

    He assured MAM officials that the infrastructures will be taken good care of and he asked MAM to construct many blocks in Mangochi since it has many pupils comparing to other districts in the country.

    “Mangochi is regarded as one of the district which has high illiteracylevel but this was happening because we had no enough infrastructures to accommodate them but due to coming in of other developments, there is a high number pupils in Mangochi comparing to other districts and currently I have 274,000 pupils but we are lacking enough resources so please continue with your support,” said Kalanda.

    MAM through Dubai Charity Association constructed the school blocks with the money amounting to over 18 Million Kwacha.