MAM honours Mufti Abbas with primary school in Mangochi


    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has constructed a primary school in Mangochi district to honour late Muslim scholar, Mufti Abbas Qassim.

    MAM Deputy National Treasurer Bujard Kalera told Malawi Muslim Website that Mufti Abbas contributed a lot to Islam hence naming the school after him.

    “Mufti Abbas was a well-known Muslim in Malawi. He did a lot of commendable things to our beautiful religion of Islam. That is why MAM thought it wise to name the school after him,” Kalera told Malawi Muslim Website.

    The MAM Deputy National Treasurer said that they are also planning to build a secondary school at the same place.

    “Chief Chowe gave us a huge piece of land and that is where we have built Mufti Abbas primary school. It is also our wish to build a secondary school at the same place,” he said.

    Mufti Abbas primary school in Mangochi

    Mr Kalera told Malawi Muslim Website that MAM will also name various projects in the district after Mufti Abbas.

    “This is not the only project to be named after Mufti Abbas in Mangochi. We shall also bring other great projects that will be named after him ,” he said.

    Until his death in January, 2018, Mufti Abbas was a supreme leader of the Council of Muslim Scholars and Sheikhs in Malawi.

    Mufti is an Arabic word that means a Muslim legal expert who is empowered to give rulings on religious matters.

    The school was handed over to the community by MAM Chairman Sheikh Idrissah Muhammad.

    Dubai Charity Trust funded the construction of the primary school.