MAM procures a vehicle through poultry farming


    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has managed to procure a 2 tone vehicle through the poultry farming it introduced at Gada Farm in Chadzunda; Blantyre which will reduce travelling challenges the association faces.


    Sheikh Idrissa during the hand over ceremony

    The poultry farming project was initiated by the national Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Idrissah and is being implemented by the MAM,s Secretariat

    During the handing over ceremony of the vehicle to its Secretariat, MAM’s Acting Secretary General Al-Hajj Twaibu Lawe, spoke on behalf of the National Chairman Sheikh Muhammad Idrissa saying the vehicle is one of the products from the same project.

    “MAM introduced poultry farming at Gada farm where we are layering chickens and we have procured this 2 tone vehicle at 4 million kwacha as profits from this project, this vehicle will be used in our farming activities.”

    “This is a very tremendous job MAM has made so far, for quite a long time MAM has been depending on foreign donors but through this program of poultry farming, am sure we will be independent and am very grateful that we have achieved this milestone and you can see today we are witnessing the handing over ceremony of this vehicle to the secreatariat for use,” said Lawe


    Am very grateful to achieve this milestone-Lawe

    Lawe also said the vehicle is very important to the Muslim community since it will not be used for farming only but also assist in other travelling challenges the community face during the time of emergency.

    “Besides using the vehicle in layering chicks, the same vehicle can be released to cater for transport during the time of emergency, people can be stranded maybe due to an illness and they don’t have transport to go to the hospital they can come and ask for it ,for example today there was a funeral ceremony at Blantyre Islamic Mission and they were stranded since they had no vehicle to carry the dead body from the mortuary to the burial site and we released the same vehicle, this is how Muslims in the country will benefit from this program but I don’t mean that the vehicle will be used as an ambulance, only when one is stranded,” he said.


    the poultry farming procured vehicle

    When asked some of the activities the association is carrying out to make it financially independent Lawe said; “we are doing a lot and it’s not only the poultry farming, we are also layering goats at Blantyre Islamic Mission and you also aware that we have a very big land at Blantyre Islamic Mission and just some few months ago, the donors from Saudi Arabia came and we took them there and they said the land can be productively used in different ways and they promised to buy us a tractor which will be used either in maize farming or other activities and am sure if this programs have come to an end, a lot of people will benefit.”

    MAM introduced the poultry farming with the support from Kuwait Charity Association and the main reason is to empower Muslim Association of Malawi in particular and the Muslim community in the country in general to be financially independent.


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