MAM Reinstates Fired Executive Members

    Dr Salmin Omar: They are still in the executive

    Following executive meeting that was held at Blantyre Islamic Mission (BIM) on Saturday, Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has reinstated three Central Body members who were recently fired for breaking the association’s constitution.

    Biton Ajawa confirmed the development to Malawi Muslim Official Website in the telephone interview on Tuesday.

    “It is indeed we have been reinstated and we are happy with that. Islam teaches us that we need to forgive one another when there is something wrong and this is what has happened. I am happy now that we have resolved the matter and looking to work together as Muslim brothers,” he said.

    The Association on Monday last week issued a public statement announcing the expulsion of its three Central Body members, namely, Biton Ajawa, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika and Al-Haj Twalick Asedi for “their misbehaviour culminating in contravention of the Constitution of the Association.”

    However, on Tuesday, Biton Ajawa and Twalick Asedi sought an injunction stopping the association from implementing its decision arguing that the decision to expel them is “unconstitutional.”

    MAM chairperson refused to comment on the reinstatement and referred the reporter to association’s Secretary General, Dr Salmin Omar who quashed the allegations that the three members were fired.

    “It is false that the members [Biton Ajawa, Sheikh Dinala Chabulika and Twalick Asedi] were fired from the executive. What we know is that they are still in the executive,” said the Secretary General.

    However, the SG’s response is contradicting with what he told the Nation newspaper last week when he confirmed the expulsion of the members.

     Meanwhile, Ajawa who is also National Zakaat Fund Chairman said they are doing everything possible to withdraw the injunction.

    “You know it takes a process to withdraw injunction but we are working on that. You can’t just wake up today and say ‘I have come to withdraw injunction’,” he said.


    1. Alhamdulillah that the fired Executive members are now reinstasted.this is what we muslims should encourage when ever there are misunderstandings.May I ask the bro.Ajawa to speed up of withdrawning of the injuction.An advice to MUM Executive Members pliz forgive and forget.

    2. Next time ,if something crops up in MAM executive no singular person should come out flattering issues in media that causes disagreement and mistrust.No leader in the world will be happy to be mentioned names in public.Check that gentlemen!!!

    3. This is not the end it is not even the beggining of the end it is perhaps the end of the beggining. What we should know is that if Allah loves anyone on the earth and the people on the earth do like wise and if Allah dislike someone and People do like wise. We are matured we wan't be happy someone to mistreat the muslim ummah

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