MAM SG Justifies Presence of Non Muslims in Islamic Gatherings

    Dr Samin Omar: We need unity
    Dr Samin Omar: We need unity

    Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) Secretary General Dr Salmin Omar Idrissu has justified the decision of inviting non Muslims to Islamic gatherings saying it is the only way that can make the country develop.

    For a long time, many other Muslims in the country have been questioning the decision of inviting non Muslims to Islamic events such as ijtmah.

    However, in an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website on Friday, the secretary general said that there is nothing wrong with the move saying there is no any development that can be realized in a secular country like Malawi in the absence of unity and co-existence.

    “Firstly, Islamic teachings encourage us to unite at all levels and co-exist with people of other faith. This is the reason why we sometimes invite non Muslims to grace our Islamic occasions such as ijtimah (Islamic annual gathering).  We are one nation, one president, we all pay tax to the government and hence the need to unite so that we prosper as a nation,” he said.

    The sheikh further took an opportunity to thank all Muslims who attended this year’s Ijtimah in Salima for behaving and keeping peace despite other irresponsible people planning to sabotage the event.

    “We were told that some people were planning to disturb the Ijtimah. They were paid to do the damage. But thank Allah the Almighty for answering our prayers – their plans failed. The people who came there (in Salima) have shown that they are development conscious not disturbances,” he said.

    At this year’s Ijtima, Muslims agreed to see their longtime projects getting underway this year. Some of the projects include the long touted Islamic university which was passed on as one of the resolutions from the 2008 Ijtimah held in Liwonde.

    “We have the funding from the Kuwait which has already been approved for us to start the construction of the university among other things. But if we can not be united as per requisite we will hit a snag. We will make sure that every Muslim takes part in these projects that we have high-lightened. We will embark on an awareness campaign so that Muslims in the country should understand the concept of contributing towards Islamic projects. We are going to use our sheikhs in Majilis Ulama Council nationwide, the Jumuah committees, district committees and national committees to make sure that every Muslim is aware of the importance of paying in the course of Allah,” said the sheikh.

    Muslims in the country have been crying to have their own university and a hospital besides other major projects set as resolutions from the 2008 Ijtimah in Liwonde. But up to date there is nothing tangible to write about.

    Reporting by Hassan Bhoma Phiri, Correspondent