MAM’s First Ever Masjid in Salima Officially Opened


    Malawi’s mother body of Islamic organizations – The Muslim Association of Malawi, through Dubai Charity, has officially opened its first ever Masjid in Salima district. The Masjid is in Makanjira village in the Traditional Authority Makanjira.

    In the inauguration ceremony, the much-awaited development from the mother body, received much praise. Notable and respectable figure in praising the gesture is the Traditional Authority Makanjira. The chief missed no words in describing   the construction of the Masjid a welcome development, which will ease the challenges Muslims in the area were going through.

    In making his appreciation and joy more vivid, the chief remarked that, “This is a good initiative, something this area has been longing for, and I commend Muslim Association of Malawi, for the valuable gift to this area.”

    The coming in of Muslim Association of Malawi, with this Dubai Charity aid will complement the efforts Lilongwe Islamic Movement is doing in the central region of Malawi.

    Currently, much of Islamic development the region has been spearheaded by Lilongwe Islamic Movement. Nevertheless, this is the beginning of Muslim Association of Malawi to roll out projects in the region.

    Development and cooperation are twin allys as such the National Chairman of the Muslim Association of Malawi, Shaikh Idrissah Muhammad has called on the people of the area to adopt sense of cooperation in order to win more Islamic development. “Misunderstanding should not be part of us, embrace cooperation, he advised.

    The Chairman said he learnt with a shock to see that Muslims in the area were not willing to take part in the Masjid project because they wanted financial benefit.

    “Our policy is that we don’t buy land or bricks. We ask the community to provide land and bricks and we handle the rest. Funds for the projects are handled by our finance team at Headoffice. There is no one at at district level who handles the finances including the MAM district chairman. Said the National Chairman.

    He cleared rumors that the district chairman mismanaged the funds for the construction of the Masjid.

    Sheikh Idrissa also revealed that the project was supposed to be full Islamic centre but because of the misunderstandings, only Masjid has been constructed until sanity prevails in the district.

    Sheikh Idrissa Muhammad speaking at the ceremony

    “Therefore, I ask you to be united. There are so many projects coming ahead but it will be very difficult for you to benefit if you remain divided. Put Allah first and avoid baseless allegations because it is a sin,” he added.

    In an interview with Malawi Muslims Official Website, MAM district Chairman Sheikh Ibrahim White said he was finally relieved that the project has come to its completion.

    However, “we have lost a lot. This would have been a center but because of selfishness and greedy, today we are losers. It should be a big lesson not only to us but other Muslims out there too. If you are not united, this is what you get.