Mangochi MAM District Chairman Asks Muslims to Pray Eid on Tuesday

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    Malawian Muslims: Waiting in vain on the actual date of Eid

    Muslims in Mangochi have joined the bandwagon to observe Eid al adha prayers on Tuesday. This comes amid Confusion that has emerged in the Muslim community on the day to celebrate Eid al adha. The confusion has come about when the community is divided on the actual day of the celebrations.

    Chairperson of the Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) for Mangochi district Sheikh Adam Imran has confirmed the development.

    “Muslims in Mangochi are praying Eid al adha on Tuesday and not on Wednesday. The world including Macca in Saudi Arabia will pray on Tuesday. Today is the day of Arafat (very special day for making dua) so why should we pray on Wednesday when though whole world is praying on Tuesday except few individuals who are serving their own interest,” said sheikh Imran.

    This is in contrast to the official statement from National Ruyatul Hilaal Committee which said the sacrifice festival will be performed on Wednesday.

    Muslims who insist to perform Eid on Tuesday say that it does not make sense to pray on other day since Pilgrims will be on Mount Arafat on Monday saying it is required to perform Salaat the following day.

    Some of the jamaat that will pray on Tuesday include Mkwate in Machinjiri, Lunzu, and Zomba, some parts of Lilongwe and Mangochi.

    Meanwhile, Nikkah and other Islamic functions (NIFA) will conduct their prayers on Wednesday as endorsed by Majilis Ulama, President of the association Aman Kunje has said.

    “We are going to pray on Wednesday at kamuzu upper stadium as usual,” said Kunje.

    Reporting by Hassan Bhoma, Correspondent


    1. Sharif is waste of time. He is doing all this just to devide the ummat and specialy malawian muslins. He is just after money.
      Let him do all this fitna and then one day finally he will get from allah.
      Because he is playing with allahs deen and he thinks that he can change the deen of allah.
      What kind of muslim is he who devides the ummat just for the sake of his personal interest.i think sharif will have soon punoshment for it. Get ready boss……..

    2. The majlis Ulama and MAM are the org diving the ummah coz the Ummah is one regardless of colour, race, sex, nationality. why shud we be divided coz of countries and nationalities? These leaders are failing to use their brains just memorizing ati zinachitika kwa kuti whyyyyy? Eid was Tuesday basiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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